AIQ Mountains, Temples & Hill Stations!

My wife Jean and I (Mike) will on this tour.

Other than a lay-over when flying somewhere else we haven't ever been to India. It all sounds interestingly but I am particularly interested in visiting Shimla as my father was there in the war and spoke very affectionately of it. We've used Exodus last year for the first time on tours on Israel and Jordan and found them to be excellent.

Interested in making contact before the tour with any others that are on it and their experiences of India and Exodus.

I'm on the 10 Oct 2015 trip (ex UK) but I'm not on the group flight from UK. I should arrive in Amritsar with the group on 11 Oct. You didn't state which departure you are on.

Hi all
I'm steph this is my first holiday to India very excited to meet everyone

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