AIS January 8th

We are looking forward to meeting our trip-mates...

In the meantime, if you are interested in finding out a little bit more about us we welcome you to friend us on Facebook (Diane Homewood), or Twitter or Instagram @uraimp

Diane & Ray

Hi, glad to hear from someone else who is looking forward to the adventure! We are Daphne and Alan and are travelling with friends, Stella and Mark from our village, Crowthorne, Berks. We've had many Exodus holidays and love them - great fun sharing the experience with others and going a bit off the beaten track. You'll also find me on Facebook : Daphne Partridge

Diane and Ray
Thanks for getting the ball rolling here.
Daphne and Alan, Gillian and Ray are siblings, so we have traveled together before. We live in Toronto and like you folks, we're on facebook as well, (tho' not heavy users).
It's great to touch base with a few folks before we start. I guess that between the four of us and the four of you, we make up half the group.
Dennis & Gillian Brown

We are happy now we have our visas. We are from Dorset and are now looking forward to the trip and meeting you all.

Good to hear from you G&M - not sure why I keep coming up as Anonymous! Although we are traqvelling from the UK you won't see us at the airport as we are travelling independently, flying out Friday 20.15 via Muscat (Oman Air) and so will meet you all at the Grand Hotel in Cochin.
Wishing you all a safe and hopefully good flight :)

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