Hi all,
I am super excited and counting the days till the start of this trip to Morocco. If you are booked on this trip then like me you are an adventurous person so let's start a chat:)

Which trip are you on? I leave on 13th November and am really looking forward to the mountains. Never been before

Hello both

Is it the Atlas Panorama you are doing? Leaving on 13th Nov?
My friend and are booked on it, and very much looking forward to getting some trekking done.

Hi Rach, yes I'm booked on that one and am on the group flights. Have you been trekking in the Atlas before? I'm looking forward to the starry skies from the gite, as well as a bit of haggling in Marrakech. Are you taking a sleeping mat?

Hello "anonymous"
I've been to the Atlas before, I climbed Toubkal a few years ago. Absolutely stunning mountains and you won't be disappointed with the stars!
I'm not taking a sleeping mat, the bites have mattresses (usually on the floor), but am taking a small pillow.
Not long to go now!

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