Amalfi Coast walking Dept 30th June

Hello, Anyone else not flying on the group flights? We are travelling from Manchester earlier in the day and wondering if anyone else want to meet up at Naples airport and share a taxi to the hotel? Cheers Nicky and Jen

Hi Nicky,

I fly in about 6 hours before the group gets there. I was planning on storing my luggage and then exploring Naples for a bit. But I may be interested in sharing a taxi with you and you happen to know how much it will be and how long is the drive? 


( Canadian living in Texas) 😀


Hi Jules, great to hear from you, We land about 1225 local time. I have contacted the hotel we are staying in to ask how much an airport transfer would cost as they can arrange it/ I have also essaged a friend of mine whose parents live in Naples and asked if they can get me a price. Once I have that I will let you know. Cheers Nicky x

I'm also arriving early (around 9.30 am) and have booked onto the hop on hop off bus around Naples. Was planning to do that for a while then find somewhere nice for a bite to eat before trekking back to the airport, to meet the rest of the group


Thanks Nicky, let me know! 

Jennie, I land around 12 pm.... I heard there is a place to store your luggage at the airport, so I may do the same as you, depending on what Nicky says is the price of a ride to the hotel. 

I have pizza recommendactions in Naples! 😉🍕

I look forward to hearing from you ladies!


Hi Jules / Jennie,

So I have done some research and a friend of mine whose parents live in Naples has come up with a great option. They have a private driver they use to take their Grandma around and he is happy to provide a service for us from Naples Airport to the hotel for just €70! This is by far the cheapest option I have found.

So i will be taking that and if you ladies want to join me then please just let me know and we will split the cost between 2 or 3 as required. 

As I land around 1230 I would be looking to leave the airport around 1.30 I guess by the time I get through customs, Immigration and baggage pick up.

My friend Jenny who is supposed to be travelling with me has unfortunately been in hospital this past week and sadly is looking highly unlikley to be well enough to make the trip. We are hoping she might but will see how she goes over the next week. 

Anyway, let me know if you want to join me in the transfer or not. and then we can swap contact details to make it easier to meet up at the airport.

Cheer Nicky x

Hi Nicky,

Thats great news, I will join you in the private car and split the cost. My flight gets in at 11:45 am so I will wait for you. Where are you coming from? I could meet up with you at the baggage claim? 

My email [email protected]. Can you email me and I’ll give you my phone number and maybe we can swap pictures so we know what each other looks like? 😆

Thank you and sorry to hear about your friend, I hope she can make it!




Hi Nicky & Jules

I think I'm going to stick to my orginal plan and spend the day in Naples, then head back to the airport to meet up with the others when their flight gets in around 6.30. Will see you at the hotel. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

J x

No Problem, Jennie, See you at the hotel! Not long now! x

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