Amalfi trip in April

Anyone from the North west on this trip?

We're from Leeds & looking forwards to our first walking holiday

Hi Gavin, I'm not on the walking holiday but on the highlights. Maggie

Hi there everybody. I'm on the "highlights" trip in April and my name is Maggie. I'm from the north west and will be arriving earlier at the airport than most of you, but hopefully sharing the transfer with you. how many of you are on the trip and what are your names?

I am flying to Naples from Amsterdam, Holland. I am scheduled to arrive around 4:30PM. I will meet the rest of the group in Naples. I am on the Walking the Amalfi Coast tour.

We are a family of four arriving from Lyon, France and arriving in Naples at 10 in the morning. We will be taking private transfer to the hotel. Very much looking forward to our trip and looking forward to meeting fellow travellers.

Hi anyone else going on this date?

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