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Andalucia May 13th

Anyone else booked on this trip to Andalucia in May. Not long now. Would be nice to know who some of my fellow travellers are. I am flying from Manchester and hoping to meet up with the group in Malaga. As I am not on the same flight would be good to know who else is going and maybe meet up with them at Malaga airport.

Hi Jane,
I am booked on this tour and coming from Australia.
I will be arriving on a plane from Barcelona and hope to catch up with the group at the airport.
I am travelling alone, so nice to know there's at least one other on the trip! I am in my late 50's and first trip alone. I'm very excited as it is not long now.
see you soon!

Hi Jane,
My name is Ann. Couldn't put it in the space provided.

Hi, Thanks both of you for replying. Do either of you know where in the airport we are meeting the rest of the group? Thanks Jane

Hi Ann,
What time does your flight arrive?
Do you want to meet up at Malaga airport?


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