Andes to Amazon 18 Dec - Hello


Anyone else on this trip?

Looking forward to meeting you,


Yes, I will be joining you on this trip. I am really looking forward to it but don't quite know what to expect as it is my first trip to South America - however it will be good if I know Exodus. If you are departing from London, let me know if you want to meet up at the airport.

Fantastic! Yes, I am joining in London, we will have to meet up at the airport.

I am really looking forward to it. Not been to South america for a long time and will hopefully be a sunny Christmas :-)

I'll also be with you two for a Christmas in warmer climes. I'm really looking forward to it; hoping it lives up to the high standard of the Chile trip that I did a few years ago.

One of the big selling points of this trip for me was the fact that there was a sensible regional departure (Birmingham). That means I won't have the awful battle to, through and from the zoo that is LHR. Exodus have just told me there's one other person flying from BHX so hopefully the two of us will manage to meet up there and we'll find the rest of you in AMS.

Is anyone else doing the extension to Napo Wildlife Centre? I decided that looked like a far nicer place to see in the new year than on board a 777!


I'm joining the trip too and looking forward to it immensely.
I'm the other person travelling from Birmingham. Paula and I have already arranged to meet up.

See you all soon

Fantastic, I am jealous, did not realise there was a Birmingham option. (I am halfway between Birmingham and Heathrow).

Looking forward to meeting you all. Practical questions, are you taking malaria pills? Looks like we briefly travel through a malaria area but literally travel through it.

Hi Susie,

I'm in no way medically qualified, but have had a good look at the subject of anti-malarials. From what I can see, the only area visited on the main trip that's defined as malarial is during the days at the rainforest (days 6 and 7). However the answers to the FAQs on the website of the lodge where we're staying for those nights say "There has NOT been any malaria in our area until now. So no prophylaxis will be needed, if you only visit the Sierra and our area.". I've therefore decided not to take any anti-malarials for that time.

However malaria does look like a risk in the area where some of us are going for the extension, so I'm taking tablets for that part of the trip. Also need to remember to take my Yellow Fever certificate for that part.

See you in a few days :-)

I'm not bothering either, but will ensure plenty of insect repellent, just avoid the extreme irritation of getting bitten . Debating whether to take my mozzie net for the jungle lodge for same reason .

Thank you both. I rang Exodus just to check and they said they do not recommend either. So stocked up on insect repellent!

Getting excited now!

Ali. G not sure how we are going to connect at Heathrow? I am not comfortable with leaving my details on this open community. If it helps I will have a light green backpack with white spots!!!

You can use Alice as a bit of a "matchmaker" - ask her to pass your e-mail address onto Ali then you can make arrangements securely between you. That's how Christine got in touch with me and we made our plans.

Just got to get through one more day at work then I can start thinking about the trip seriously and getting excited!

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