Annapurna Circuit, 13th December

Hi there

I've just booked onto the Annapurna Circuit trip on 13th December, is anyone else booked on?


Hi Helen

I just booked a few weeks ago. Hopefully we'll get the all clear from the FCO!


Hi Helen and Sarj,
We booked last year for this and we're relieved that it's got the FCO clearance and the trip is back on!!

Great news. Now to figure out what we need to take with us! Have you guys been to Annapurna before?

Belinda & Andy

PS The Exodus system to get into 'my account' and departure lounge is not working at the moment - I had to ask them for a new sign on so I could get into the departure lounge to comment.

Hey Sarj, Belinda and Andy

Great to hear from you and really pleased the FCO lifted their advice.

I went to Everest Base Camp in 2009, be prepared for cold! So cold....

H x

Hi Everyone

The Thorong Pass is at a similar altitude to Base Camp....time to invest in a down jacket and some new base layers!

I haven't been to Anapurna before, so not sure what to expect in terms of terrain.

I climbed Kilimanjaro a couple of years ago and remember it being quite barren and windy at around 3km altitude. Earplugs and eye masks were great sleeping aids.

The metal water cans (in the neoprone) make for great hot water bottles at night too!

Does anyone have tips on how to pack light for a fairly long trip?


Having problems using this website so sorry for the delayed response. We are packing all our warm gear too!

Also struggling with how to pack super light - 12kg's doesn't go far with the all the warm gear. I guess we won't be able to wash clothes very easily so we'll have to plan to wear things over and over and all smell lovely together!

We went to Kilimanjaro last year -as you say pretty chilly there too, but I think this might be colder :)

Not long now!

Belinda & Andy

So basically ditch the spare clothing and pack more deodorant? Nice!

Hi Trekkers,

I'm escaping Australia for this trip.

I did a winter trip of Everest Circuit at the end of 2012. I enjoyed the weather conditions then ( days generally clear and great for photos ). We had no snowfalls on that trip, even at altitude. Walking temperatures were generally around 5 - 10 degrees C, except for outside at night and the very early starts ( well below zero ).

Dust was a problem so make sure you pack a buff/scarf. I'm taking two this trip.


Good Morning everyone. I have joined this trip and my name is Derek. My previous posts (about a month ago) haven't taken so trying again. First time in the Himalayas but did the Inca Trail last year. Very interested in your comments re weight and cold.

Hi Derek,

You will find weight manageable. 12kg is plenty given you can carry an allowance of gear in your daypack. Pack a travel luggage scale - you can leave excess gear in a bag at the hotel.

Make sure you take quick-dry clothing (avoid any cotton). Layer-up for warmth. A good windshell jacket is useful in addition to taking a down jacket. I am also taking a goretex rain jacket and goretex rain pants ( useful for layering for warmth or rain ).

Wind chill at altitude, even on a sunny day can easily get the temperature to -20 degrees and below. Have extra layers handy on those days. I am taking a hooded windshell jacket this time. I also have windshell pants I bought in Nepal last time.

I expect we will get a pre-trek brief soon after arrival at the hotel. You can ask questions there on gear you may need. There are plenty of places in Thamel (Kathmandu) to buy reasonably priced gear. Shops in Kathmandu are open well after dark. There will likely be other places on the trail if you decide you need something. The gear is often fake name-brand but the quality is quite good.

The dorms/rooms in the teahouses and the toilets can be quite cold so be prepared for that. Sometimes ice on the floor! (of the toilets) Fortunately the dining areas are more comfortable as those areas are often heated ( often via yak-dung fires - generally the norm when I was on the Everest Circuit, although that was a predominately camping trek ). Fleece trousers/top are useful if your sleeping bag is not particularly warm ( much less hassle than a sleeping bag liner, although considerably bulkier and heavier).

Put camera and other batteries in your sleeping bag at night to help conserve battery-life. They drain quickly in the cold.

I'm taking microspikes for my boots primarily in the event that we get ice on any of the steep descents.

You may have the option of donating excess gear to porters prior to the flight at the end of the Annapurna Circuit.

Injinji toe socks are great as a thin liner sock if you are susceptible to blisters around the toes. We will be walking for 18 days.

Hi all

So I'm seriously struggling with the weight ( Never understood the concept of packing light...) currently at 12.5kgs with a pretty heavy day pack! Never mind.

Looking forwards to meeting you all very soon.



by the way I saw your other msg re sleeping mats. As its a lodge based trek I don't think we need them. I'm not taking one anyway. If you want one and have one yet you'll be able to buy in Kathmandu

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