Annapurna Circuit 18 March - 9 April

Hi there fellow adventurers -
So excited about the Annapurna Circuit trek - the challenge and the varied landscapes and peoples.
How is everyone else is getting along with preparations?
Gather that there are 8 of us so far.
I also love skiing so taking ski jacket, trousers and gloves for high altitudes!
Not bothering with walking poles but understand they can be purchased there if wanted later.
Bought a recommended hand-held UV gadget to purify water.
Look forward to hearing from you all.

Hi Judy
I'm really looking forward to this trip, we did the trails of Everest about 9 years ago with Exodus it was an amazing trip.
I am taking poles, they came in useful last time.
In terms of clothes, I going for layers that I can adjust depending on temperature.

Hi Judy, Hi Maria
I am looking forward to this as much as you two are. I am going for thin layers (can get 5 on without looking as though I cannot move). Also taking poles as they have saved me on at least one occasion from breaking my ankle. The group is now full, according to Exodus, and range from 20's - 70's which will be great. I have been on trips where the age group is wide and it worked out really well (I am in the upper range myself). Looking forward to meeting you both. Gordon.

Looking forward to this as well. I'm taking hiking poles. They really help going down hills and avoid knee and ankle strains. Also going with layers since some of the environments can be quite warm. I did the Everest/Gyokyo Lakes in the past. I'll be arriving in Kathmandu a couple of days early so if anyone else is also coming early I'll be around.

Hi Eric,
I will be coming in on the group flight so I would be interested if you find anything really good in Katmandu.

Sorted VISAs on Tuesday, dropped off In morning picked up 1 1/2 later. Their new same day service is definitely working

Hello all

very excited and looking forward to the trip - is everyone sorting out their visa before or doing it once we arrive. I did ask Exodus and they said to take 2 photos and sort it once there?
Confused now, not sure what to do??

Hi Tracy
If you have time I would recommend getting visa in advance, there were no queues and i got it on same day. Picked up in 1 1/2hr.

I have heard that there can be long queues if you get on arrival.

Don't forget you also need to bring 2 photos for walking permit

I will have to get my visa and walking permits when I arrive - no time before that. Gordon.

I obtained my visa beforehand. One can get them at the airport, but the queue can be quite long, over an hour if you're unlucky. You need two passport photos for the visa. You'll also need two additional passport photos for the trekking permit.

Hi all I have been told by a friend and Nepalese trekking guide to bring dust masks for both trail and Kathmandu.

Hi Everyone, dummy pack took plenty of time today, but I can rest easier I now have all ready, going for visa on arrival, that seemed best advice from the bumf, anyone else going for this?

Hello fellow travellers, looking forward to meeting you all soon.
Planning to get my visa on arrival, have done this before with no problems, but that's no guarantee...
Anyone else flying out of Heathrow on the Jet flight on Saturday night?

Hi Clare. I am on that flight. Will look out for Exodus bag. Gordon.

It can get pretty dusty in Kathmandu. A dusk mask will help, but I just endure it.

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