Annapurna Circuit 28th October 2017

I would be very interested to know more about my fellow travellers?

Hi Nick,

Is this the trip meeting up on the 29th October? I am flying out from London on the 28th October and due to meet my group the following day on the 29th. 

Hi Matt,


Yes, that's the one! On the Jet Air flight from Heathrow T4 at 20:45 Saturday.

Looking forward to meeting you.


Hi Nick, good to hear from you!

I am on a different flight (didnt go with the Exodus one as i found one a bit cheaper). I'm flying with Air India at 21:30 from Heathrow terminal 2, changing in Delhi. 


I guess I will meet you there! Is it your first time in Nepal? It will be by second visit, so I intend to use the sunday to buy a few bits of gear, as there are lost of shops in thamel selling stuff cheap. 

Yes, it's my first trip to Nepal but it's the fulfilment of the item that's been top of my bucket list for over 40 years! So, great excitment but some trepidation. 

You say you're going to do some shopping on Sunday but I thought the trip notes say we head off to start the trek early Sunday morning.

you say you are flying Saturday (28th) night like me? In that Case you won't get to Kathmandu till Sunday mid day. We then meet up as a group with the tour leader that evening and set off the next morning (Monday) to annapurna . Therefore have an afternoon and night in Kathmandu.

Of course, I'm a day out! But my flight doesn't get to Kathmandu until 3pm on Sunday. I suspect that by the time I'm through formalities and got to the hotel it'll be pretty much dark. 

Kathmandu never sleeps! the shops are always open. Lots of time to get those last minute things! We are right next to Thamel as well so everything is a short walk out of the hotel

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