Annapurna Sanctuary

Would be lovely to hear from anyone doing this trip next April.


Francine and Shaun

Hi.  I am on the April 6 departure.  Travelling from Canada.  Looking forward to it!  I will be flying in a day earlier if anyone is around and wants to connect.

Thank for starting the post Francine and Shaun! 


Hi Guys,

We're on the 6th April departure, we're actually flying from Manchester so not on the group flight and arrive just a couple of hours beforehand.

Looking forward to the trip!

Steve & Kate

Hi Steve

Shaun and I are flying out of Manchester on the 5th, too, with Emirates!

Snap Francine. Will look out for the Exodus kitbags are the airport.

Have you guys done anything like this before?

Shaun trekked Peru with exodus 23 years ago and we have done family trekking trips to the High Atlas but I haven't done anything on this scale, and not without children!

We did the Tour Du Mont Blanc with Exodus in August, hope this one is just as good!

I'll be on this trek too, going out on the group flight from London.  Looking forward to the trek and to meeting all of you!

Are you guys going to get your visas on arrival or before you go?

Hi Sue - we're just going to get ours on arrival at the airport. We'll get our cash exchanged their too.


We have ours, just to avoid a queue. 

Does everyone have their Kitbags?

We do, but had to nag

We do, but had to nag

Not yet, I emailed Exodus about it on Tuesday and they promised to send one!

Had to ask for ours too.

Currently going through the checklist, only a couple of remaining items to get.

Shaun is the organised one. I hope we have our stuff!

Just make sure you have Compeed on the list!

I'm on the London flight... Planning to get my visa on arrival and change money at the airport or hotel. I don't like to brag but my kitbag arrived within days of my booking the trip last year!!

That's great, I'll look out for you at the airport!

Hi everyone! Can I ask what you're planning to do about drinking water?  I ordered a steripen from Amazon, but the supplier told me that steripens are out of stock all over the UK because of Brexit!!  Now I'm wondering which is the best other option.... Thanks! :)

Hi Sue, we use Iodine water purification tablets, have used them in many places across the World, quite cheap to pick up too.


Hi Sue, we have Steritabs but we did notice that in one of the reviews, a traveller pointed out that it was very easy to  buy boiled water. 

Hi Sue, we have Steritabs but we did notice that in one of the reviews, a traveller pointed out that it was very easy to  buy boiled water. 

Many thanks Steve and Francine, it sounds like that's the way to go!



I was able to get a steripen here so happy to share if we need it but think tabs are likely easier.  Unfortunately no kitbag here, but my compeed did arrive in the mail after a month of waiting so should be good to go!

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Drop them an email tomorrow, mine only took 2 days to arrive.

Not long to go now, should probably think about packing!

I have bought a metal bottle so I can fill it with boiled water and use it as a hot water bottle, then drink it the next day!  Also got tabs in case that doesn't work...

Apparently the 14th April is New Year in Nepal. Any excuse for a party!

14th is also the same day we reach and stay at Annapurna Base Camp. 


Happy Days!


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