Anne J

Interested to hear from anyone who has been on this trip before especially about suitable clothing - that sounds quite complicated and I don’t want to feel cold! We have never done a cross country skiing trip before!

Hi Anne, layering is the way to go.

A baselayer, a warm mid layer and a windproof/waterproof outer will suffice for most of the time.

If you suffer from cold legs, a pair of long johns or tights under your trousers will help.

Gloves/mittens are very much a personal thing but a very thin liner pair of gloves underneath an outer pair of gloves works well.

Mittens are warmer than gloves, especially if fleece lined.

Definitely wear a hat - personal choice.

Carry spare gloves/mittens/hat.

I also carry an extra warm layer for lunch stops (you will have lunch outdoors).

Have a great trip - Mary & Ilse will look after you & you’ll have a great time.

Thanks so much Colin for going to so much trouble to give me all this really useful info. We are starting to get excited for our trip. Someone has posted a recent review in January and given it 5 stars 😀Best wishes anne

You’re welcome, Anne.

For info: weather for Kvitavatn -åvatn/

Currently unseasonably warm - should be more like -10!

It might seem that -10 is cold but typically it is a dry cold rather than the damp cold we get in UK and doesn’t feel as bad.

Forgot to mention - take a flask for a hot drink at lunchtime.

Bus ride from the airport is approx 3-3.5 hrs, worth taking a snack with you.

It’s a comfortable bus with a loo onboard.

Regards, Colin

Anne, one item I forgot to mention is a ‘Buff’ (other neck warmers are available 😀) - really handy to pull up over your mouth and nose if it is a bit chilly.

Thanks Colin. it’s a long transfer isn’t it! My daughter asked Exodus how much the transfer would be if she needed to arrive a bit later and they said £450! That’s Norway for you I guess! We are certainly planning on taking our own wine!

Anne, current allowance is 3litres wine + 1litre spirits + 6 small cans beer.  We pack a wine box in our main bag, pickup a litre of scotch at Gatwick and get the beer in duty free at Oslo. Not that we drink a lot but it is a holiday!

For the last 5 years we have skied at Mosstrond - the hotel doesn't have a licence so we have to bring our own drink.

At Kvitavatn, they do (used to) have a licence which meant you couldn't drink duty free in the main hotel (licensing laws) but, of course, it's not a problem to have a glass of wine before dinner in your room (or after).

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