Anybody else going to Belize

Already looking forward to the trip. Anybody else going?

Our main interest is the wildlife and Belize seemed to offer an interesting alternative to Costa Rica, but the ruins, etc  and the local communities also offer an interest into a differ culture. We're really looking forward to the trip. What motivated you?

Hi Richard, nice to hear from you. I usually post on the departure forum before we go away but often don't get any replies. We are wildlife people but the ruins are a draw too. I'm not too sure about visiting the ATM caves - I've seen videos of it, perhaps not my thing. We have been to Costa Rica and enjoyed it there. So many places in the world to go. Helen & Andy

Hi I'm on the Belize trip too but I'm going to Miami a couple of days early so I'll see you in the hotel in Miami or the airport. I'm most interested in the Maya sites and hope to do a day trip to Caracol rather than the cave trip. I've been to Tikal before and loved it.

Hi Sarah, You are obviously the person we are going to refer to for all the info! Look forward to catching up with you.

Hi Sarah,

Look forward to seeing you in a month's time! I looked at the other things to do , if I decide not to do the cave and wondered about Caracol.

I e mailed the Midas Resort where we will be staying. They said you can book the trip when you get to the resort. It costs $115 - I don't know if that's per car or per person. A convoy of cars leaves at about 9.30 and it's a 3-4 hour journey. I really want to go as I think there will be very few tourists.


The lack of people was also what drew me. It's good if it can be booked when we get there, as I'm going to see what the guide advises as well

Hello all,

As I'm flying to Miami earlier than the group I thought I'd better give you my name so you can find me at the hotel on Nov 5th. I'm Sarah Mckibben


Hi All, I'm also going to be joining you in Belize. I'm travelling from Ireland so will be meeting you all in Belize rather than Miami, looking forward to meeting you all there in a weeks time!  Julia

Looking forward to it, have a safe journey one and all. Not long now :)


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