Anyone on the 16th December Cycle group for Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama?

Hi All

I saw Sallie "Sal" is on this trip on the 16th anyone else?


Hiya - beat me to it :)  Looking forward to meeting you Georgie,  and anyone else when I get out there.  Unless anyone else is flying from Bristol that is?!

We are not on the group flight as we found an American Airlines routing cheaper. Where do you go through, we go through Miami?

Ah I’m via Amsterdam and then Atlanta on the way out but just via Amsterdam on the way back thankfully. So forgive me if I look a little “shattered” aka knackered when I arrive hehe. 

Ours is no better - London, Barcelona, Miami, so will be equally shattered... we can share matchsticks to keep our eyes open on day 1 of cycling..

I am about to start my trip to Nicaragua but just wanted to say have a great time next week. I'll leave the breadcrumbs for you to find the way. Looks like there's just me & my suster on our trip. No-one else responded.....

BTW I am coming from Sydney so I may well beat both of you for flight duration and three stops!! Haha. Enjoy your trip.

Georgie - haha then I'm glad we well be able to empathise with each other.  Early night first I think!

Karen - have a fabulous time.  From experience, not everyone checks on here so hopefully you'll have a few others.  This will be my third Exodus trip and I've had great groups so far so I'm sure you'll have fun and enjoy that lovely long flight(s)!!!!!  :)

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