Anyone coming on the North Sri Lanka Revealed Trip (AKS) starting 13 th Sept 2018

hi, I am booked onto this trip with my daughter . This will be my 6th Exodus trip. Keen to have introductory chat with anyone else that might be doing the same trip or who has already done it . Mary 

Hi Mary, I am also booked on this trip with my husband Nigel. I believe there are 5 of us. we are on the group flight next week. Looking forward to the holiday. Pam


Hi Pam ,  my daughter and I are coming on the trip and we are also on the group flight . I am surprised there are only 5 of us . I have been on a number of trips before and sounds like this will be the smallest . We are also looking forward to the trip . Maybe meet you at the airport if you would like that ? 

Hi, Love to meet. We will be at the airport with our rucksacks with the Exodus tag. Nigel is a foot taller than me. We will be looking for somewhere to eat once through customs. Bit deflated that first hotel is no longer the one on the beach. We will see you on Thursday.  Pam

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