Anyone else going on this trip


My name is John and I am going on this trip. Anyone else going as well ?


Hi John,

Yes I'm going on this trip in September - looks like it will be very interesting and I gather we are the guinea pigs for this trip (for Exodus at least). Are you doing the DRC extension as well? I live in Adelaide, Australia btw, yourself?



Hi Jeff,

Sorry I missed your message, I was working in the US up until early last week and never got a look at the message board. I live outside Belfast , N.Ireland.

I was really looking forward to going on the main trip and the Bonobo extension , then I got a call from Exodus last Friday about the trip being delayed or cancelled due to the camp being damaged by Elephants. I'm still trying to process this in my head, I almost don't believe it TBH.

I kind of figured that the DRC extension would be dropped due to the Ebola outbreak in the north of the country, but the Republic of Congo camp being destroyed by elephants came as a bolt out of the blue. Got to admit its a funny story in its own right and makes we want to go there even more now :)

I take it that you have heard the news about the trip being belayed or cancelled as well by now. I talked with Exodus and I can rearrange my leave dates this year if they can move the trip forward to sometime between now and Christmas. They also told me that at least one other traveller was OK with shifting the dates as well.

My email address is : [email protected]

Lets hope they can still run it. I've been on a number of wilderness trips and climbs so roughing it in a tent if necessary doesn't bother me to much. Hope all is OK with you


Hi John & Jeff,

I believe I'm the other person they're referring to here. I'm glad to read your post actually John as I was beginning to think I was losing my marbles and that the call on Friday didn't actually happen. I actually called Exodus this morning to ask them to put it in an e-mail for me just to make sure I'm not losing it.

A VERY unique reason for a trip cancellation, but I'm aware of it happening. Plus, factoring in how remote the camp is, I can imagine it'll take a while to repair / there aren't alternatives like there would be in other places like Uganda.

I'm hoping for a rescheduling, then hoping that work will allow me the leave to go. If not, it'll be the saddest decision for me. I'd be happy if they arranged it for early next year even.

Also need to factor in the lost visa money too. I had planned on the DRC extension, but wasn't concerned about Ebola (I'm a virologist by training), as the risk would be minimal for us. Thankfully I didn't get that visa in advance, or it would have been more OOP expense.

Let's cross our fingers for this...

[email protected] is my e-mail if you want to get in touch.


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