Anyone else on trip?

Hello, anyone else booked to depart on the 17th March?


Hi Steve, We are going on this trip too! our names are Janet and John and this will be our first visit to Sri Lanka. Everyone who has been there says it's wonderful and I'm hoping for lots of wildlife photos!


Hi Janet, it's our visit to Sri Lanka too. We did the South India explored trip in 2016 and enjoyed the visits to parks there so hopefully it will be as good as those. Getting closer and getting ready to start packing. We are hoping that we can go whale spotting but Gill (my wife) is a bit uncertain about her sea legs.



I’M just wondering if anyone else is booked to depart for the Discover Sri Lanka trip on 24th March?

Hi Seve, looking forward to meeting you both on the trip, if not at the airport! What is your partner's name? At least we will 'know' one other couple before we start, which is good.

We have been whale watching years ago in Alaska and watched a hump back whale completely breach loads of times while it was rounding up its lunch. Since then we have  been on several others and all we saw was a tail...everyone else on the boat thought it was fantastic but after Alaska it was a real disappointment so we don't go on those any more!

Hoping to get videos of elephants at least and leopards would be a real bonus although I'm not holding my breath on that one.



Hi Steve, just realised you told us your wife's name is Gill in your last post. Sorry I missed that so Hi, Steve and Gill!


Hi Steve and Gill,

Seems we are the only people on the 17 March trip who have joined this chat facility! I phoned Exodus about the trip and was told that it is now full, and that there are 6 couples and 4 individuals in the group. 

Janet and John

That was the same number of people on coach in Southern India, it made for a comfortable trips. I don't think many people logged in here on that trip either but thought it nice to leave message to see who else going.  Looking forward to it more and more as look out of window at snow falling. 


Hi Gill

I am on the March 24th trip. I am about to start a new thread for it.


Chris M

Kris and Paul off to the wilderness on the 18 March. We will be travelling with our two friends. 

Hi Stephen and Gill - snow now gone, thank goodness. And temperature back up to something quite nice now! BUT - have you seen the weather in Sri Lanka? They are having a great deal of rain at the moment and this is supposed to be the dry season! Thinking about taking my waterproofs......


It does look a bit unsettled for the time of year but at least can dry out in the heat. Hopefully it will change round by time we get there. I think an umbrella might be called for. Did spend time looking at hotels the other day and they look quite good.  Looking forward to it more and more. 



we are on the Sri Lankan highlights but are starting with a few days in Dubai 

Enjoy your time in Dubai, meet you in the rain in Sri Lanka!


Hi everyone,

Just been informed that Exodus is no longer including a visit to the Turtle hatchery en route back to Columbo. Good for them! I was rather amazed that a company like Exodus would go to such a place, as I had read some time ago that hatching turtles in tanks, like this place does, is not good for the turtles. Exodus has now withdrawn that visit as it also agrees with this stance. I am really glad about this because, if we had visited, I would have had a big problem with the ethics of the whole thing.

Well done Exodus!

Janet and John

I have been following the forecasts for Sri Lanka and every day seems to predict that it will start to pour down at 11.30 and continue all afternoon......Thought this was supposed to the dry season? Maybe in the rainy season it rains all day instead of just the afternoon.

Have packed accordingly!

Janet and John

After doing some voluntary work last week in rain Sri Lanka will be home from home, main difference will be the tempreture so can dry out as it rains. Nearly packed and the rain jacket in there. Just making sure got all the paperwork. 

See you in Sri Lanka or Heathrow!

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