Anyone going to Everest Base Camp departing 12th October??

Hi! I am travelling to Base Camp departing on 12th October and travelling by myself (I know!). Just wondered if anybody else was also planning on taking this trip of a life time?

hi ellen

im thinking of going to everest base camp on this date i was hoping to go in april but due to work commitments im unable to go then, at least it gives me more time to train lol   have you done anything like this before 


Hi Gary,

Lovely to e-meet you! Same here ...I wanted to go in April to see the expedition teams and to actually stay at base camp...but like you work got in the way! No never done anything like this before and very much need to get training...I mean how hard can walking be :P only joking! Have you decided to book as yet?

hi Ellen

its good to here from you i havent booked yet as you say how hard can walking be lol i think "should i do everest and gokyo lakes" then i watch youtube and see people younger than me breathing really heavy saying it the hardest thing they have ever done so still undecided lol i keep an eye out to how many spaces are left (i think at the moment 5) so i have a bit of time yet though im probably 85% sure it will be this trek. As for training unfortunatly there isnt many high hills in essex lol 

Do you have any of your kit yet ive been buying somthing every month for last couple of months keeps me exited on trip even so far away and i wont have to pay out loads in one go, Go Outdoors and Snow and Rock must be getting sick of the sight of me lol.



I have bits and peices of my kit but not much as must come over to the chilterns and practice! Have you managed to book as yet? Or still undecided


E x

hi ellen

sorry its taken so long to reply  this walking is more risky than i thought ive had sciatica for the last few weeks hopefully it will be totally gone in a couple of weeks ive been watching how many places there are which luckily enough havent changed so im hoping im still on target to get there on this date i hope your well and are not falling to pieces like me :) 

gary x

getting us back to the top of the list :) 

Hi Ellen / Gary,

Are you both still going to everest base camp in October? I am on a last minute planning (and haven't started training) but still plan to be there around those dates.

It'd be great to have some tips from you if you're all set, or maybe even meet here or during he trip?



hi sara im still going though i havent booked yet i keep an eye on how mant places are left at the moment there are still 5 so im in no rush to book just in case i decide to do the everest gokyo lakes trip im not sure what tips i can give i did no someone who has done the everest trip and he was told you need 10 weeks training although he lived in wales so had plenty of mountains to train on  there aint many mountains in essex unfortunatly my plan is to go to the brecon beacons the second half of august for a weekend and see how i get on i hope you join the more the merrier 


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