Macchu Picchu. Anyone going on this trip?

For me, this is my first trip with Exodus, although my wife has previously walked The Great Wall of China with them. We’ve done some U.K. cycle touring, but neither of us has been to South America and we’re a little apprehensive of how we‘ll cope with the altitude. All our children are grown up now, so at least we don’t have them in tow! After years of family holidays, we finally get to do our own thing and we’re interesed to know who our fellow travellers will be.

Hi Perry, I'm on this trip. Looking forward to it. It will be my first time to experience altitude too. Are you guys doing the Amazon extension as well?

Unfortunately we‘re not doing this. After 2 weeks we thought we’d better get back to our children, cats and chickens! Another time.

See you in Cusco for some cycling so. Should be great!

Nerves are starting, trying to pack and I'm sure the bag is not big enough. Anyone just using a suitcase? 14 day weather is looking quite warm for Cusco but a bit cooler for Puno, I think I'm overdressing and cycle shorts should do.

We’ve just gone with the above and left the longs at home. Got suitcases too, though trying to pack for every eventuality was hard and we’ve ended up being minimalist, which I hope we get away with! Just on the train to Gatwick ready for our BA flight tomorrow.

Yes I'm on BA out of Heathrow Saturday morning via Miami. Will have to overnight in Lima airport with flight to Cusco early Sunday morning. Flying BA back to Gatwick at the end of the holiday. I think I'll pack one cycling trousers but leave the thermals at home.

Hi Gazza. We’re flying to Lima tomorrow direct from Gatwick. Then we fly to Cusco on Saturday, the plan being to give us an extra day to acclimatise (we will need that!).  Will see you in Cusco on Sunday. I never even thought about taking thermals, btw! It’s close to the equato, so I figured it wouldn’t ever be too cold. 

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