Anyone off to Nepal on the 10th November?

Hi Abi

I am going on the trek to EBC on 10th November. Its so nice to connect with someone else that is going. Are you on the group flight from London?


Erin x

Hello Erin,

Yes I am on the group flight to Nepal, nice to meet you online. 

Where are you traveling from to london on the 10th?

Looking foward to meet you, have you everer been on an Exodus trip before?



Sorry for the typos, I just read it back. 

Hi Abi sorry the delayed response. I'm in Aberdeen, Scotland. I'm not going on the group flight, got cheaper flights booking myself but arrive in Kathmandu at tea time on the Saturday not long after you guys arrive. Where are you based? I've never done anything like this. It's a bucket list trip! How about you? X

I live and work on a boat 9 months a year so I'm all over the place. My home town is Weymouth Dorset, quite some distance from you. Shame if I was closer I would have sugested a pre trip coffee soon.

I have traveled with Exodus before to Peru and they were very good so I was happy to go with them again. I felt this trip would ba a huge challange the biggest chalange I will have faced (physically) and as you say a big bucket list tick!

I'm due to fly back to the uk in just over a week then we're off so soon after. Very exciting now! 

I'm looking foward to meeting you and everyone elese ?????

Nice to touch base with someone before all meeting in Nepal.


Abi x

Would have been lovely to meet for a pre trip coffee, but yes slightly problematic. That is so cool that you work on a ship! I am really pleased to hear you had such a positive experience of Exodus, its always a slight worry booking with travel companies but I read great reviews. Do you have all your kit? My head is still spinning with what we need and really don't need etc. x

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