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Hi Folks
Who is joining us on this trip 23rd December. Tip for everyone from UK before you spend lots of money on malaria prophylaxis, look at 2015 UK Malaria Guidelines - all areas we are visiting are 'Bite Protection' only - lots of insect repellent is needed! (Put insect repellent on after your sun screen!). Advice may differ if joining from another country. No Christmas - yippee!

I'll be there! I'm travelling by myself. I note your comments on malaria prophylaxis - if you want to be safe, you can now get non-branded, generic malarone, which is a lot cheaper.
Are you getting your Cambodia visa when you arrive there (with your two photos)?

Yes doing Visa etc. on arrival, know friends who have been and said not a problem.

Received today my travel documents...Vietnam is coming closer now. Looking forward very much and already a bit excited. Greetings from Belgium.

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