April 30 El Camino

Anyone signed up for the April 30 El Camino trip?

Hi Barb

I'm booked on this trip with a friend, and getting quite excited about it now that it's less than 2 months away. Have recently bought some new walking boots as trusty old ones might be a bit heavyweight for this trek, especially if we get some nice weather (here's hoping!). Trying to get out to do a bit of training and break the boots in.

What about you? Are you a seasoned hiker or more interested in the historical aspect of the Camino and Spanish culture? Or a little bit of everything??

Best wishes, Michele

My husband and I do some hiking, but not too much this winter. We plan to get out and do more walking over the next 2 months. I just bought some walking shoes(not much ankle support) today to try out. I will also bring my lightweight hiking boots. 14-15-18 miles is not our usual pattern!
We are interested in a bit of everything, yes. Walking, scenery, historical, meeting new people.
8+ weeks away!

Looking forward to meeting you both and the rest of the group in April. See you in La Coruña!


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