Atlas Decent 19th Dec

Anyone on this trip on the 19th Dec?

Yes, excited but slightly nervous!

Hello "Anonymous" and "Anonymous". Joy & Raymond checking in. We did the Jebel Sahro trip 2 years ago and enjoyed it so much that we decided to come back for more - beautiful scenery, excellent cycling (tough at times but exhilarating), first class support staff and good company made it memorable so hoping for more of the same. I am far from being a "lean mean cycling machine" but survived last time so don't feel nervous We will be flying direct to Agadir direct from Manchester so if anyone else is on that flight happy to meet at the airport.

Don't know why my name came up Anonymous. Sorted...changed nickname to fix it. Im flying in from Manchester as well, with Monarch, so no doubt will bump in to you guys at some point. Anyone else bringing their own bike? I do a fair bit of biking at home and am really looking forward to the long downhill stuff and the sunshine :) Been to Morocco a few times - in fact flying out there tomorrow Surfing for a few days. Ive also used Exodus before many times and agree that they are brilliant. Not long now :)

Hi Mike. FYI the bikes supplied are very robust and cope with the rough terrain - apart from the odd (ok....quite frequent in my case) puncture which is to be expected. On the Jebel Sahro trip only one person brought her own bike. The airline charged £45 each way and she buckled her front wheel beyond repair on the 2nd day. Fortunately she was able to use one of the spare bikes. She also arrived at the airport with nothing to package her bike in and it was a mad scrabble to get cardboard boxes and tape and cobble something together before it was deemed ok by the airline check in.

Hi all. Just got round to logging in Will be great to get some winter sun (hopefully). Haven't being doing too much cycling over the past few weeks as the weather has been pants (don't mind the rain, but the wind has been evil) so will be good to spin the peddles. I trekked in the Atlas about 22 years ago and at the time thought it would be good MTB territory - will find out in a couple of weeks! Flying from Gatwick at 14.30 on the 19th. Looking forward to meeting up. Cheers Martin

Hi went on the Jebel Sahro trip 2 years ago at Christmas it was really good, my first mountain bike holiday and great fun. Varied scenery, a challenge but all in all very enjoyable and a great experience. Really looking forward to the Atlas descent. Pleased to see Radu Man is the tour leader - he was brilliant. Joy not sure if we met you. Kay and Mark

Only a week to go until blue skies and awesome mtb. Bring some warm gear for the first hour or so then it warms up. If jebel sahro is anything to go by its tough on the arms and your saddle. Radu man is the best a great teacher. Looking forward to meeting you all .

Blue skies! That will be a novelty and very welcome... see you next week

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