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I'm quite excited to join the group on 7 Aug camping departure.

It seems some of us will be flying via Jo'burg, and others via another route - but very much looking forward to meeting everybody "at the other end" :)

Wishing everyone a very nice spring & summer leading up to the trip, and as it gets closers, I might come back with potentially silly practical questions, too :)

Kind regards

I'm flying via Frankfurt not Jo'burg, so I guess we'll meet up in Windhoek. Really excited already!
Just got back from the Doc's who seem to be going slightly over the top regarding vaccinations, don't mind the typhoid top up or paying for anti-malarials and Hep B but has anybody else been told they need rabies vacs?
Debbie :)

rabies was mentioned by the travel nurse I had appointment with (and she was asking about camping and potential exposure/contact with animals), but as I had them a few years ago she just checked whether I needed a booster.
So I would guess (?) they would have recommended rabies to me, too if I had not had them.
Unless it changed from few years ago, it consists of 3 consecutive little injections about one week apart.

Hi Debbie, Im travelling from Heathrow via Frankfurt - see you there!!


anybody travelling from LHR via Jo'burg by any chance on BA? or I am the only one testing whether that connection will work :)

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