Borneo Wildlife Discoverer 7 Sep

Creating a thread for the 7 Sep departure of Borneo Wildlife Discoverer!

Hi Stephen.

Just introducing ourselves. We are from Norwich in England and like to travel (obviousl). We have travelled a few times with Exodus and did the Inca trail last year and really looking forward to Borneo this year. 


Barry and Ann

Hello Barry and Ann! I'm starting to get my packing list together whilst watching Judi Dench's recent travels in Borneo.  Humidity and invertebrates seem to be the main concerns...

Hi Stephen. 

Good to hear from you. 

We also watched the Judi Dench prgramme. We are going to a number of the places she visted. However, I don’t think we will arrive by Helicopte, as she did! 

Dont forget your leach socks. I’m told that we will need to tuck our trousers into our socks to stop the little beasties going up our legs.  Football socks or just long socks will do.

Not long to go now.

Barry and Ann

Yes, sounds like football socks may suffice - the proper leech socks are expensive, though I suppose it's a price some may be happy to pay!

Are you travelling on the group flight?  I'm hoping our hotel will be available to check in once we arrive, since it will feel like 4am!  Have you given any thought to what to do on that first day, in Kuching?  Perhaps our leader will be able to give us some pointers.

Hi Stephen.

We are taking the opportunity to travel to Kuala Lumpur early on the 4th September and then picking up the group flight in KL early on the 8th September. Therefore, I think we will be a little more refreshed and used to the time difference by the time we get to Kuching. We haven’t really thought about what to do in Kuching yet, but will have a look in the coming week. 

As we are arriving in Kuching airport at 11.05am , I think our rooms should  be ready by the time we get to the hotel.

We have a few books on Borneo and will let you know what they suggest to see in Kuching.

Not long to go now!

Hi Stephen

We are now at Heathrow and off to Kuala Lumpur. 

We had a look at things to do in Kuching and there is a place called the Waterfront which has lots of things to see. We will probably wander down to the Waterfront and maybe get a ferry over to the other side of the river.

See you soon

Best wishes

Barry and Ann

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