Botswana Money

Asking for any advice from people who have been to Botswana please

We are unable to purchase the PULA before flying so have 2 otions 

- transfer my budget to USD and exchang to PUlA when in Botswana

- get the PULA out of an ATM with my debit card?

Aby advice would be welcomed please!!

Hi Gemma,

We were in Botswana last month.  We started off in Kasane and didn't have any local currency at that point but US$ were fine but probably SA rand would have been better, in hindsight, but this was only for tips as anything at the lodge or shops could be paid for by card.   We did use an ATM in Maun when we got there but the maximum that you could withdraw was 2000 pula, at around 14 pula to the pound it was round the £150 mark.  It depends on what trip you are doing (we did the Botswana & Zimbabwe Lodge Safari) and what you buy (ours was mainly food and drink) but we needed two trips to the ATM at 2000 pula each time, in addition to the credit card.  We did have some left once we hit Zimbabwe but we gave that as part of our tip to the tour leader.

So, as long as you have some small notes in dollars or rand for tips and a credit card you should fare fine until you get to Maun.


Hope that helps and have a great time in a wonderful country!




Sorry, I just remembered, we got our first ATM visit in Kasane, the second ATM withdrawal was in Maun.  Also, while some people wanted the ATM there were others who wanted to visit the currency exchange and that was accommodated.  I wouldn't bother changing up twice i.e. to dollars the to pula, assuming you have sterling/euros anyway they are both fine at the forex.  But as I mentioned in my last reply, some smaller notes are good for tips which isn't so easy in £ but easy in $!

Best wishes,




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