Calling all fellow trekkers on the Simien Mountains trip

Hiya, are there any fellow trekkers and travelers booked on the Simiens Mountain Trek in Ethiopia on 16 October? And are you booked on the group flights from London? Jules

Hi Jules, sorry my post is anonymous, can't seem to put a name to it ! I'm Neil and just signed on. I'm traveling with the group there but, being a late entry, coming home alone a day later due to flight costs. I'm a solo trekker, early 60's and pretty experienced on this sort of trek. Looking forward to it. Have you sorted your visa out yet, it's a little confusing as to how early you can request it without putting the price up ? Neil

Hi Neil, good to hear from you. I was beginning to wonder who else was on this trip! Have flights gone up then? I only booked a couple of months ago. I'm planning to get my visa when i arrive at Addis. So what other treks have you been on? Think this is my 5th or 6th trek and I'm really looking forward to it :) Jules

I booked last week - was told there are 6 plus myself booked on, one couple, 2 solo men and 2 solo women, all between 40 and early 60's so sounds like a well balanced group.
Been on quite a few treks but never with Exodus, used Discover Adventure, Walks Worldwide and Classic Tours before. Tried Peru, China, Borneo, Costa Rica, Jordan, Albania and Finland before so really looking forward to this, seems to have a bit of everything. Apparently the return flight has gone up by £300 so its cheaper to have two extra nights in Addis at £50 a throw. Also means I get a 11am flight out instead of about 2am so a bit more civilised as well.

Ah Jordan, i went there earlier this year with Exodus - brilliant trip, trekking in the Wadi Rum desert, sleeping outside under the stars and visiting Petra of course. In fact, a friend of mine that I met on the Jordan trip has also booked on this - so we're the two female travelers. It's going to be a great trip :) I know a couple of people that have been on this trip and it's meant to be really good and the scenery looks amazing. Sounds like you got a good deal with the extra nights then and it means you get a bit more time for sight seeing.

Hiya, just wondering who else is on the Simiens Mountains trip departing on 16 October? I'm on the group flights from Heathrow so might get to meet some of you at the airport with any luck. Julia

Doesn't seem like anyone else joining the trek. I'm on the group flight out on the 16th. My mobile is 07740198181 if you want to give me a call at the airport for a chat. Or just look for the famous exodus travel bag ! Neil

There's supposed to be 11 of us, so they're out there somewhere! Cheers - I'll drop you a text at the airport, if we don't spot the bags and / or Exodus luggage tags!

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