Cambodia Adventure

Is there anyone out there booked on the trip commencing November 15th ?
Mark and I are in our 50's , live in Sevenoaks and are really looking forward to it.
We are doing the Trails of Vietnam tour first but are not sure yet where we are going in between.
Depending where we end up we may possibly join you all in Kampot if we are nearer,rather than going all the way to Phenom Penh just to travel all the way back again.
If that happens please save us a couple of nice seats on the coach !!
Paula x

I'm also on this trip, been to many places over the years but this will be first time in South East Asia, look forward to meeting you
p.s I'm also in my 50's [late 50's that is!]


On this trip as well - 10 days and counting :)

Only started to travel but have managed Peru, Austria and Finland so far. Looking forward to this one


My wife Penny and myself will be joining you all. We are both in the over 50s club. We have used Exodus before, Traveling to India and Peru, starting to get exited and counting the days, off to Australia when the trip finishes to see daughter then back to the U/K and Bristol

So looking forward to this trip. I'm travelling with my sister, she's done 3 other exodus trips, I've done two to Africa and India. Although we are 'middle aged' we like to think we are really young at heart, so hopefully lots of fun with the splendour of the trip.

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