Camera & Mobile Charging Facilities

We'll be needing to use our AC mains charger for our camera batteries while on the Botswana & Zimbabwe Lodge Safari, which involves several different lodges plus some remote camping.  We have the necessary travel adapters for plugs.  However, can anyone enlighten us about availability of AC power supply while on this trip?

Hi did this last year and there is a charger on the land cruiser and at 2 of the fixed campsites and Zimbabwe there was charging available.

However in the Delta, Chobe & Moremi you are just on an inverter.

You can get a decent phone charger power bank by Veho who do a rugged unit that will charge it.

As for batteries I use DSLR so took 3 and lasted the entire trip for me.

Enjoy yourselves and look into an adapter plug for your charger as some places.

Hi Phill, many thanks for the steer, much appreciated.  Stephen & Claire.

Hi, I've done a couple of similar trips camping and both times battery charging in the vehicles have been. I just invested in a couple of spare batteries and it's been fine. I am doing this trip departing on 29th June, is that your trip?

Ron W

Hi Ron, Ian and I are going on the 29th June departure. Looking forward to it.

Debbie L


Hello Debbie,

Good to hear from you. Have you been to Botswana before? We have , 'amazing' doesn't come near to describing it! There are 2 of us, my wife Yvonne and me and we are very much looking forward to it. 

Have you been with Exodus before?

Hi Ron, Yes, we've done a few with Exodus before. Best one was Costa Rica last year - superb trip.  

I've just been checking out currency and found this useful site based at Vic Falls.


Hi Debbie, Thanks for that, all very interesting. We did Vic Falls briefly a couple of years ago and used US Dollars without too much drama. We've only been to Africa with Exodus but Yvonne wants to do Costa Rica so she will doubtless speak to you about that.

Not long to go now, all very exciting!


Debbie, Yvonne spoke to someone from Zimbabwe and I don't know if you are aware but she told us that the weather is likely to be cold at night, down to 6 or 7 at night so warm clothing will be needed or early and late game drives and of course night drives as well. Day time temps should be 24 ish so quite pleasant. 


I am doing this trip in July.  As you have been before have you any advice for us.

Also what did you do about getting Botswana pula.



Hello, I think I put the wrong date, should be 29th June. Another thing I thought of, a torch each for the delta may be handy.


Hello Louise, Not sure what happened there, my first post didn't appear. The Pula is I think a closed currency, but they took US dollars just about everywhere.  The guides will give you guidance on how much you'll need and where to get it. Larger items such as excursions etc can be paid for on a credit card. We bought water at local shops in 5 litre bottles and I suggest a water bottle to decant into is handy and a marker pen to mark your own bottles. Warm clothing for the evenings is a good idea. 

Are you on the 29th June trip?


That's it now, All checked in, boarding passes printed, just have to make sure everything is packed. If anyone sees us at Heathrow carrying 2 green bags marked Exodus please say hello otherwise we'l meet up in Vic Falls.

Have a safe journey,


Hope you all had a fabulous time. We go on 20th July so any advice would be very welcome from those of you returning from the trip.


Hello Louise, We've just got back this morning from this trip, it was very good.

You can get your Pula for Botswana at a Bureaux de Change without to many problems. I think it's a closed currency so you can't get it here. In Zimbabwe they prefer US Dollars. In the delta a torch is a must as is a head torch. We had amazing views of the Milky way. No Battery charging out there so spare batteries are the only way. One thing I will say you must take a  coat for the early and late game drives. Sweatshirts and a coat that will keep the wind out I found was ok. The temp goes down to around 4 degrees and with a 20 minute drive to one of the game parks it gets very cold then when the sun comes up you can peel of the layers. Our Guide was a fellow called Rowan, and the driver was Sifusi, ( I think that's how it's spelt). Both very good, Rowan is very knowledgeable on just about all things African. If you get them ask Rowan the difference between crocodiles and aligators, he'll explain it to you. It's suprising! The electric plugs in Botswana are large round pin ones. We took one adapter to square pin and a two way square pin adapter. In Zimbabwe it's the same plugs as we use.  I am sure you'll have an amazing time, that was our 3rd Botswana trip and it won't be our last. Enjoy yourself and if there's anything else you think I can help with just ask. 

Happy holiday, Ron

We have just arrived back after a FABULOUS trip. So many memories and so many adventures. Many thanks for your information before we left it was very useful.

No planning our next trip!!!!!

Hello Louise,

Good to hear you had a great trip, hope you have many more.

It was a pleasure to help,


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