Canadian Rockies Wilderness Walk - dept 14th Aug

Hi, I booked onto this trip today - just wondering who else is on the trip. And is anyone else on the group flight from Heathrow?

Hi, I am also going on this trip and believe I am on the group flight, leaving Heathrow terminal 5 at 18:40 on 14th August.
Looking forward to the trek.

Hi Chris - lovely to e-meet you! Sorry for the delay in replying to your message. I didn't get an email notification and only just logged on to check info about the trip. It's getting very close now!

Perhaps we could arrange to meet at Heathrow for a coffee before the flight. I'm not keen to put my email or phone number on here but my facebook page is here . Hope to hear from you!


Nice idea about meeting up, Will message you on your facebook page.

I've been visiting my mother and haven't had internet access before now.


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