Capetown to Vic Falls reverse July 28th

Anyone on this trip want to get in touch? Travelling as two friends would like to meet rest of group?

Hi - travelling single from Heathrow. Will look forward to meeting you.

Also travelling single from Heathrow. Getting quite excited now - only three more days at work, then I’ve got a week to pack! (I struggle with this - always pack too much!!) Must remember to pack some warm clothing & wooly hat as I think it might get a bit cold camping at night. Anybody got any other tips or things to remember? 

Haven't had much time to think about packing - usually leave until the last minute.However, a friend is a world Challenge leader and having listened to her I am taking a 3 season sleeping bag and a liner. Woolly hat and a sun hat, micro fleece, jumper, stuff away warm jacket, 2/3 pairs walking trousers that can become shorts, 3 pairs shorts and loads of tops. Binoculars and camera. two torches to hang in tent. And those horrible quick drying micro towels. All other suggestions gratefully received. Shoes : trainers and sandals.

Thanks for that packing advice Ellochka, that was what I was thinking - layers, flexible clothing etc Need to make room for my camera too! See you in a week’s time!


I‘m Nadia, also travelling single. Currently in a pile of clothes and staring at them. I’m going a day early for 24 hours down time in j’berg so will hopefully meet you all in the airport for the final leg of our journey before the fun begins. Can’t wait, very excited now! 


Travelling with my husband we will also be flying out of Heathrow tomorrow.  I have piles of stuff round the bedroom floor, just need to work out what to put in..... all the stuff listed (down jacket to sun tops) plus I seem to remember it recommends a water bottle that you can refill is a good idea and lots of insect repellent! also taking a solar charger (would hate for my camera batteries to run flat).



Im Katie and I’m travelling single, looking forward to meeting everyone! I was just wondering about the flight from Johannesburg to Victoria falls and what I’ve read-am I right that we need to pick up our luggage at johannesburg and then check in for the next flight in departures?

See you all soon!

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