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 I'm not a traveler. The furthest I've gone is Canada from the UK but it was a direct flight and I stayed in a rented apartment. I'm really excited to see new and beautiful places and I want to capture some of them for memories. I wanted to ask about taking a camera. Should I take a DSLR or stick with my trusty GoPro? I'm not looking to be a film maker just want something to look back on. Is managing and worrying about a big camera too much, especially as a new traveler? Is the security of a waterproof and durable GoPro a benefit? Have I answered my own question? Would love to hear from someone experienced.

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It seems like a simple question. Yet anyone who has spent time reading user reviews or scrolling through camera forums can tell you that it has no easy or definitive answer. Photography isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor. We all have different needs and expectations. Taking sharp photos of your toddler scampering around the living room places a different set of demands on a camera than capturing your epic surfing run.

The dirty little secret of today’s photography industry is that there are no bad cameras. Under the right conditions any camera you buy—from a smartphone to a $2,000 DSLR—can deliver great-looking images. Where cameras differ enormously is in how well-suited they are to the types of photos you like to take, how convenient they are to bring with you, and how easy they are to use.

Gives you an immense understanding of the light and beauty of photography and cinematography (be prepared to fall in love with mainstream cameramen)

Low Light? throw in a tripod or find a mount and set proper exposure.
RAW formats - best way to understand what the camera sees - edit the photo to grasp those fine details that would have been lost otherwise .
Interchangeable Lens - why stick to one pair of shoes, when you can wear one for a party and one to jog - you get the idea.
Power of Light - capture what you want, how you want, exactly how you want.
Bulky to carry around, especially with all the additional accessories.
A steeper learning curve than the other two categories.
Water Proofing and Rigidity Case? Possibly but more of a practical joke.

Get a DSLR if travel photography is your thing. If you see yourself sitting and thinking about how a shot should be taken, and what lighting is best for that one portrait. Or waiting at a cliff for the entire day to shoot the sunset casting a shadow.


Great 1080 or Hi-Res Videos,
Large Field of View
Easy to get waterproofing cases or shock proof cases.
Low light is a joke;
Photos are basically frames of a video (low quality compared to point and shoot cams), and
Voice Recording - not its forte;
Hours required for video editing

Action Cams were made to record those insane backflips, hold my beer and watch me moments. They wouldnt satisfy your everyday selfie-urge because most modern phone cameras would seem superior. If photos are your thing, move over to the following sections.

Thanks Sujan! Sorry for the delayed response. I think given the cirucmstances, it makes sense to take a GoPro. It takes reasonably nice pictures but with 4K footage as well, I can hopefully capture the sights and sounds. I did this before in Canada with a GoPro and the results came out pretty good I think. Maybe when I'm a bit more experienced I'll step up to an SLR. 

Absolutely Todd, that would be the best idea. Have a safe journey and sorry for the delayed response - Sujan Azad Parikh.

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