Carpathian Mountains - Walking and bears, Romania

Is anyone going on the trip 3rd to 10th October to Romania? I'm not quite sure what the weather's going to be like (I see our trip is the last one of the year, the next one after this is May 2016 - just hope the bears haven't hibernated!!) or quite how fit everyone else is! I've been hitting both the gym and swimming more than usual as I don't want to be the last one up the mountains!
Jane S

Hi Jane,
I'm going on this trip with my boyfriend, Simon.
I expect it'll be cold - will check forecasts nearer the time! I'm planning on taking lots of layers... We do a moderate amount of walking and a bit of running, it sounds as if you'll be as fit as us!
Really looking forward to it - the photos look lovely.

Hi Rachel,
thanks for replying - hopefully we'll meet up at Heathrow.

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