Carpathian Walking & Bears

Hi, really looking forward to our trip to Romania. it would be nice to hear from any fellow travellers to find out whether you've found any where in the uk offering Romanian lei with a reasonable exchange rate.

Hi PM, Also getting excited now the trip is almost in sight.  I think we will just use Sainsbury's bank.  Not the best rate but it's convenient and I don't think we'll take so much that it will make a big difference.  Haven't ordered any yet but it looks as though they offer it.

Thanks Julia, just had a look at Sainsbury's along with Tescos seem the best deal on the high street. If your in the London area there are couple of places in the city offering just over 5 leu to the pound for walk ins.

Paul M

I am on this trip as well.  By the way which dates are you going (there are 3 in August)?

I ask Nikki at Exodus about ATMs and I was told that there are some in the arrivals area, but you should not need much cash for the first few days,  and the tour leader can help out. There are opportunaties later in the trip to withdraw more cash.  Also mentioned that the average spend is about £130.  Drinks at the hotel can be paid at the end of the week, cash only in Euro, GBP, or Lei.  Any tip for the tour leader can also be in any currency.

I normally get a good deal by just using a local ATM at my destination with my bank card and I have few Euros laying around to take along.  So that's my plan for now.



Hi Rob, cheers that good to know. I plan to get the bulk of my money from ATM's in country, just always feel more comfortable with a little off the plane spending in the local currency.

I'm  on the trip departing August 11th, can't wait.

HI Paul, Looks like your on the trip a couple of weeks before me.  I leave on the 24th.  I understand liking to have some currency with you to start with, but I have got away with it so far ;-).

This is my 2nd walking trip this summer.  Might be less wine this time (lots of Prosecco last time) and a bit more wildlife.  This one should be good.

I think prosecco will be pretty mild compared to the national tipple, Tuica a plumb brandy. Sounds like one of hose home brew concoctions that by all accounts can be pretty potent.

Thanks for the tips both. Also hoping for plenty of wildlife - especially the bears - and maybe wolves.

We'll be on the same departure as you Rob, so will look forward to meeting you.  A prosecco fuelled walking tour sounds interesting and probably safer than the plum brandy!

Paul, if you have an insight or tips to share from your trip when you get back - please share.  I hope you have a great time :-)

Hi Rob, forgot to ask - was the £130 average spend in addition to the trips and tips or including? Thanks.

Hi Julia, I not sure what that average spend covered. I assume that as most of the meals are included there is probably not too much else too spend it on. Probably depends upon how much of that plum brandy you drink.

The walking prosecco hills trip does give you plenty of opportunities to consume the fizzy stuff.

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