Hi, I'm Charlie.

I was wondering how many people are heading on this trip.

Is there anyone heading to Santiago on their own flight bookings and joining 'Land Only' trip?

I've a few questions for those who's done some research for this trip.

1) Trip notes indicated that meals are provided for Breakfast and Lunch. No mention on Dinner.
Do we have to find our own grub?
If staying in city and towns, would Team Leader suggest where to go or do we have to find places to eat ourselves?

2) If above is true, no indication Dinner provided in Refugios (Refuges) when in the south.
Where and how are we going to find food?

I'm sure there's an explanation or I've missed reading it on Trip notes. Can you help?

Hi Charlie,
I'm joining the trip in Santiago as I'm staying out in South America for a few months. Are you land only as well?
That's a good point about the food, I had understood that most dinners would be independent but I'm not sure about lunches. I'm sure the Exodus team could answer your questions easily.
See you in Santiago,

Hi Zoe,
Many thanks for getting back! Sorry for the lateness in replying. Yes, I'm on Land Only trip.
I'm actually arriving a day early (6th Feb lunchtime / early afternoon) and hope to get onto a hop-on/hop-off bus to get a flavour of the city that afternoon! Hope to stave off jetlag until the evening.
I'm staying at Hotel Fundador and joining the rest of the crowd when they arrive from UK on 7th for the morning tour.
If you are in Santiago on 6th, we could meet up for dinner if you have no plans.

Hi Charlie,
Yes I will be in Santiago over the weekend of 7th/8th and will go to Fundador on the morning of Mon 9th (have you got your dates muddled?) to join the city tour. But it would be great to meet before the trip starts. I have no plans at all once I arrive.

Hi Zoe,
I know where the mix-up is. We are actually on different trips. You are on Trip Code AAE, Discover Chile and I on Trip Note TAW, Hiking in a Thin Country!!!
My group arrives on 7th Feb and we leave on the 8th. Your land only trip starts on 9th.
Well you have a fantastic trip and enjoy the rest of your travels in South America. :-)

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