Hi, anybody walking The Great Wall 9/9. Getting soooo excited

Hi Jackie, my brother and I are walking the wall travelling from New Zealand.  We are both looking forward to our holiday with less than 2 weeks before we depart.

Hi Wendy

yes, getting sooo excited.  Really looking forward to it. Doing it on my own, flying from Bristol, England to Amsterdam then to Beijing. Keep thinking what and how much to pack. I'm a mature walker, hope I don't hold anybody up. Look foward to meeting everyone and seeing how many is in our group.

Hi Jackie and Wendy! I'm joining the trip too, flying from Manchester to Amsterdam and then over to Beijing. So excited but also a little daunted as it's my first trip like this. Looking forward to meeting the group! 

Hi Becky,

so looking forward to it. Seems we may be on the same flight from Amsterdam to Beijing. I've never done anything like this either, just hope I don't hold everyone up being an older traveller, lol.  Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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