Chopsticks & Coconuts - Starting 12 Aug

I will be on this trip with my wife, son (15) and daughter (12).  Looking forward to it, and wondering if any other community members are also travelling on the 12 August departure?

We will be joining you - Myself and my two daughters  (16) and(13). We are heading to Australia first so will be meeting you there.

All getting excited now!

Hi - we are on this trip too. Myself and my husband our 2 children, daughter (13) and son (almost 10).

Very excited and a bit nervous as we haven't done anything like this as a family before.

We are on the Vietnam Airlines flight and look forward to meeting up with everyone.

Any tips if you have done anything like this before?


Hello everybody, my wife (Alli) and I will be joining you on the 12th along with our 15 year old daughter (Evie) and 11 year old son (Joseph).  We are all really looking forward to the trip and meeting like minded travellers.  Glad the forum has started and I'd be really happy to share thoughts and ideas before departure.  We're travelling from Heathrow on the Friday eve. via Bangkok on Thai airways so let me know if anyone else is on the flight.  As a family we've never done anything like this before but we've heard great things.  See you on the 12th, Ralph.

Me again - just wondering if you are all taking Vietnamese currency or dollars with you or you will get it when you are out there?

I'm planning on taking both currencies (Viet Dong and US$) as I've read in rural places Dong only is accepted and in other areas US$ is accepted.  I'm also expecting many transactions to be cash only payments (markets, food, etc.) and while I believe 'ATM's are everywhere', cash advances will clearly be charged.  Just not sure on how much at the moment, Ralph.

Hi everyone,

We will be joining you too.

I'm Sasha and my husband is Rich. We have a son - Scott (14) and daughter - Ella (10). We have never done anything like this before as a family. Excited and slightly scared at the same time! We're flying Vietnam Arlines on the 10th August. (Jem - guess this maybe the same flight as you?) Prob leaving it a little late but only Just starting to think about getting organised. 


Hi!  Not long to go now, and we're all looking forward to coming!

We're arriving at about 0600 on 12th August on a Vietnam flight (UK to Hanoi via Germany).

We're also bringing US$ and Viet Dong, but unsure at the moment of the amount and split of currencies!

Looking forward to meeting you all and visiting some cool places!

Hello All - apologies we are last to join the chat - there are 4 of us joining you on the 12th - wife Jane and 2 sons - Joe 17 and Sam 14.

we are flying out from Heathrow on Vietnam airlines on Friday 10th - looks as though this is the same flight as Jem and Sasha - maybe we could meet you in departures?

have also been thinking about currency and plan to take some sterling cash and load up a cash card (travelex) with sterling to make withdraws from ATM to avoid the charges. Have been advised not to take Dong in advance as the rate here is so poor and easy to get cash from the ATM's and sterling is as widely accepted as dollars.

Looking forward to meeting up and a great couple of weeks


Less than 2 wks to go!

We are on the Vietnam airlines flight on the 11th arriving morning of the 12th.

Any packing tips or advice? :)


Hi Alan - Yes looks like we are on the same flight! Would be happy to catch up in depatures. Not sure the best/smartest way to go about this?

We will bring some Dong and US$ (as have some leftover) to get us started and have just got a Halifax clarity card to take out money on.

As for packing - I'm prob the worst person to ask as always bring too much, so this trip will be a challnge. Hand sanitiser, repellent, and sleep sheets have been purchased if that helps? 

Time is now flying. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Sx

Hi everyone, I'm Al 2's (hope he's not known as that all trip!) wife Jane. Sasha my number is 07770 447384 so contact us when you are through security and hopefully we can meet up at the airport!

Re currency, we have had conflicting advice, so I just called Exodus and spoke to someone who had recently been to Vietnam. He said ATM's were pretty much everywhere except some of the very isolated areas, and they charge about £2 per withdrawal. He advised getting dong in Vietnam as the rate is so much better than here. He suggested taking some cash as a backup to ATMs, either dollars or pounds - not much difference between the two although in really isolated areas $ might be accepted and £ would not, and it is possible to pay for some large purchases in $.

Re packing, I've bought lots of suncream and insect repellent so far, and we are going to do our very best to pack light (a challenge for me!) as we are moving around so much. We haven't bought sleep sheets - are they recommended for the train and is everyone bringing them?

Really looking forward to meeting you all and having a fantastic trip!

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