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Chopsticks & Coconuts Vietnam 27th July

We are really looking forward to our Vietnam adventure.  Just wondered who else was going and what age were your family? We have a 13 year old girl and 15 year old boy.  What are you most looking forward to on your trip?  Not long to go!

Hi Ali

We are also really looking forward to the trip. We have a daugher (11) and son (9). Arriving in Hanoi on the Saturday subject to strikes at LHR. 🙄

NIce to meet you virtually Rupert. Look forward to meeting you and your family in person. Fingers crossed about Heathrow - we really don't need that at the beginning of hols.  Have you been to Vietnam before?  Any tips? So much to look forward to but Mekong Delta and Hanoi especially excited about.  What are you doing about currency?  

Hi. No havent been before, but everyone I know who has been tells me it is amazing. The street food, in particular, is meant to be very good. 

Probably going to take some USD for backup purposes, and then get some local currency from the ATMs at the airport.

Dear all,

We're going on the Chopsticks trip leaving on July 27th to Vietnam - and also really looking forward to it - we have one boy, Theo (9 yrs old) and he likes reading, swimming, cricket and boardgames - especially anything to do with Dungeons and Dragons, also Xbox (Titanfall?).  It's his first longhaul trip ever and our first trip to South-east Asia so we're all very excited.  Looking forward to meeting you all next week.  Penny

Hi Penny & Rupert

Yes first longhaul for our teenagers too.  We've always played it a bit safe with holidays and stuck to Europe but we thought they were ready for an adventure.  Between their phones and the inflight movies I am hoping they will be kept entertained.  I wonder whether we will be able to work out whose on our trip when we arrive at Heathrow.

I agree Rupert - I am expecting the food to be a big highlight. 

Currently grampling with encouraging my teens to take sensible clothing for hot days, insects at night and the need for covered arms and legs in the temples.  

My kids interests - sports (though not sure their will be a lot of opportunity for that!), drama, music, phones (hoping they will be able to pull their heads out of those!)

Any other teens coming on the trip?



Im sure there will be other teenagers going, if its any help, my 11 year old often acts like one.

Not too worried about the long haul flight. Given the chance, my kids would happily spend the entire day staring at a screen and still like the novelty of a compartmentalised meal on a tray!

We will be going armed with an assortment of insect repellent, and I am thinking of getting some ponchos in country for the afternoon showers. Other than that I think some card games etc would be helpful as we have a fair amount of travel on this trip. 

Kids getting very excited now, they have never traveld beyond Europe, so this will be an amazing experience for them!


Hello all,

We‘re on countdown too. Travelling with a  14 year old girl . Done a couple of Exodus holidays before. First question at hotel check in for all kids- “what’s the WiFi code?” Card games are a good easy pack . Will take a small ball too for pools  

We‘re looking forward to the food too. Bit apprerehensive about humidity though. 

Look forward to meeting up . 



Hi all we are on the trip too with our children, 16 year old boy and 13 year old girl arrriving in Hanoi early on Saturday morning.  We have booked some some extra trips and sightseeing before the tour starts on Sunday and are looking forward to meeting everybody.

Hi Sarah. Nice to meet you. We are now landing on the Friday. What extra sightseeing have you arranged? Need to sort something out, but haven’t had the chance yet!

Hi Rupert, as we are arriving very early Saturday morning we will probably need to sleep first!  We have arranged a foodie walking tour of Hanoi Old Quarter for Saturday night, and a half day tour Sunday to the Red River Delta to see the countryside on a vintage Soviet open top jeep.  Any other spare time we have we will have a wander and explore by ourselves, see you soon.

Good plan Rupert and Sarah arriving a bit earlier.  I hope we are not too tired to enjoy Hanoi, it sounds a fascinting place.

We booked  the trip at the  beginning of the year - choosing Vietnam based on other (pre-kids) holidays to SE Asia plus friend’s enthusiasm for Vietnam. However  I haven’t really had chance to look  back in more detail at where we are going until the weekend when I bought a guidebook- looks like we are all going to have an awesome time.

Yes humidity could be a challenge Gillian, though the temperatures in UK over next few days may give us a practice run.

We have now reached list central as we try and get our act together. Bought up half of Boots shelf of Deet - probably got enough for all of you! 

Cards have been added to the list - let’s hope we can get off screens and back to basics.

Looks like we have nice range of ages and mix of girls and boys between us. . Really looking forward to meeting you all.


Hello again everyone - not long to go now, I think we are all nearly ready -just starting to get a little worried about the planned Heathrow strike for Friday and Saturday but can't seem to find out much information, dont want anyone to worry but does anybody know much about what may/may not happen?

Hi Sarah,

Good news the strikes just been called off - phew! See

See you on Saturday/Sunday.


Hi Sarah,

Good news the strikes just been called off - phew! See

See you on Saturday/Sunday.


Thank you Ali - great news you have made my day!  See you soon .

I'm about to turn my out of office on and get down to the boring nitty gritty of packing. Apologies for the very dull question but do you think we need to bring towels for beach etc? I'm trying to pack as light as we can. We have some of those thin travel towels for overnight train but not sure whether hotels will supply other towels.

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