Cinque Terre 27 August

Anybody else going on the Cinque Terre and Portofino trip on 27 August? Looks like it is fully booked.


My wife and I are going. Her first time to Europe, my 4th (first 3 were for work). Looking forward to it!

Kurt (F)

Great. Sheila and I have been with Exodus a few times before, including one other to Italy - they do a great job. Have been monitoring the weather closely - much warmer and sunnier than in Scotland!

Are most Exodus travellers from the UK? We're from Canada.

Hi Everyone - Chrys here from NY area. Looking forward to meeting you at the Piccolo Hotel for the start of this walking tour. Trying to find out what night we have planned dinner. Seems to be wonderful places in Moneglia...but some need reservations ahead of time. Assirto and Ristorante Monile look wonderful.

Yes, generally most people tend be from the UK, but looks like it might be a bit different on this trip!

Chrys - I like the way you think! Looking forward to great food - and of course limoncello...

Chrys, I'm not sure about the dinner, we're willing to go with whatever the group agrees with. We're not the biggest seafood lovers, but perhaps we'll expand our tastes on this trip!

One thing I was wondering about though, is whether others in the group may want to go to Lucca (nearest Tuscan town) on the free day Wednesday? We would like to do that, and perhaps it would be good for whoever's interested to plan ahead on that a bit. Do we take a train? Rent a van? etc.

Lucca is nice - a good place to wander around for a few hours.

Hi All, I can tell already this is going to be a great group. Lucca sounds wonderful. Seems like there's lots to do. My friend just got back from there with her daughter. I can ask her about what's fun to do. Also
Was also looking at whether there was a nice ferry ride somewhere....but I'm flexible and up for anything as long as it involves burning calories so I can indulge in the food, wine and gelato and limoncello! : )

Having already been there, we probably won't go to Lucca this time around. We ended up there on a Sunday and it was a little dead, but I'm sure it will be livelier mid-week.

Chrys - you forgot to mention Tiramisu!

Having not been on one of these walking tours....are hiking shoes and poles necessary or are good sneakers with some traction acceptable. Any suggestions?

Given the terrain, we are bringing lightweight hiking boots. Probably won't bring poles - although I suppose one might be useful on steep descents.


Hi Kurt, I have Merrell Moab ventilator hiking shoes... do you think those will do the trick? What type of boots to you and Sheila have? Thanks - Chrys

I have Salamon mid-hikers, and Sheila has Merrell mid-hikers. Less ankle support than full on hiking boots, but more than walking shoes - and very lightweight and breathable for the warm weather. The contact person for our trip can probably answer your questions better than I can, though.


Just noticed this advice in the trip notes:

Light walking boots (with good tread and ankle support)

Hope this helps.


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