Classic Inca Trail - 1st May 2019


My name is Louise and I’m travelling to Peru on 1st May with my best friend Jenny. We are doing the classic Inca trail to Machu Picchu followed by the Amazon extension. We’re both training hard and getting excited, much to our respective husbands and sons annoyance 😉

Would love to hear from anybody else on our trip as we’ll definitely be getting to know you better once we’re there!

Hi Louise and Jenny

We are Jane and Lin and will be there on The Inca Trail too followed by the rain forest. Both from The New Forest area. Looking forward to the trip but also a little worried re altitude. But trip will be amazing I’m sure. What day will you arrive at the hotel? We changed our flight to arrive on Friday, so have an extra night at Lima. 

Hi Jane and Lin

We are on the group flight departing Heathrow 1st May and arriving in Cusco on the 2nd, we go via Bogota so won’t see Lima on the way out. I think spending time in Cusco helps with acclimatisation as it’s quite high. I’m seeing my GP tomorrow to get some altitude sickness tablets as well. The altitude is the one thing we can’t prepare for but from what I’ve read as long as you drink plenty and take it slow then hopefully we’ll all be fine 😉


Off to GP as well tomorrow for yellow fever vaccine.  We’ve talked about Diamox but have decided against taking any with us. A friend has recently been to Peru and says you can get it there. Also guides usually have it with them too. Travel clinic says best to just rest, no exertion when you first get to altitude. Also for rain forest, just deet spray and we are not taking anti malarial drugs this time. 

I had my yellow fever a few weeks ago and I’m not bothering with anti malarials either. I think the side effects can make you feel iffy. I looked at buying diamox online but it was more expensive than a prescription 😉 We‘ve got plenty of ibuprofen and Imodium so hope we get through Columbia ok 😂

Have you had final joining instructions and tickets yet? We booked through an agent and haven’t had anything yet 🤔

Yes we’ve had joining instructions plus e-tickets for flights. And we’ve got our insurance documents too. 

Plenty of ibuprofe, paracetamol and Imodium in our first aid kit too! 😂😂

Ahh, I’ll chase up the TA tomorrow as she’s probably got everything then and just not forwarded on. I know we can’t check in online until 24 hours before but I’d quite like to see our tickets.

See you in a couple of weeks 😊

Hello to everyone. We are Phil and Jill from Halifax also booked on the Inca Trail - also departing Heathrow in 1st May - Only 9 days to go now and we're getting very excited. This will be our 3rd Exodus holiday and they are always extremely well organised and great fun!  Our second week is in Galapagos so packing is going to be hard but should be a trip of a lifetime.

Hi Phil and Jill

Look forward to meeting you. Yep, packing is tough for us too with hiking kit then jungle kit, none of which is interchangeable except the boots. Think they’ll be moulded to my feet by the end of the trip 😂😂

Hi guys,

We are Nick and Babette.  We're also booked on the Classic Inca Trail on the 1st May.  We have been struggling all weekend with the packing.  Half our cases are full of boots and sleeping bags - haha.

We are booked onto the Avianca flight from Heathrow to Bogota, then on to Cuzco.  

Looking forward to the trip.  See you all soon :)

Lin & Jane here......

It will be lovely to meet everyone.  We too, have been packing and probably struggling like everyone else. We are hiring sleeping bags and just taking a liner with us. We fly to Lima direct  on Friday. And I believe we meet with group on Saturday. We then fly to Porto Maldonado for the rain forest. Who else is doing this?? We don’t start the Inca Trail until day 7 of our trip. 

Hi everybody

Well my case is packed and like you say it’s full of camping gear but one t-shirt for a couple of weeks should be ok 😉

We start the Inca trail on Saturday Lin & Jane so think we’ll only get to meet you on the Friday as we’re dling the Amazon afree Machu Picchu. We fly to Puerto Maldonado on Friday 10th May.

Do you know which hotel you are staying at in Cusco? We are Hotel Warari.

We are leaving Cheltenham at 2.30pm on Wednesday to get to Heathrow, I have a Paddington Bear keyring on my hand luggage if anybody see me at Heathrow so please say Hi 😊

Have a good flight and trip. We arrive in Lima this Friday and fly to Porto Maldonado on 5th May I think. (we opted to change our flight so have an extra night in Lima prior to main group arriving on Saturday). We do Rain Forest first. Then fly back to Cuzco on Wed 8th May to Hotel Warari or Hotel Koyller.  Friday 10th May is when we start the trail. 

Nervous now I have to say. 

Ahh, you’re doing the trip the opposite way to us then. I’m just really excited now and looking forward to the experience. I’m sure we’ll all make fabulous memories 😊

Nick and Babette...

Jill and I are also flying from HEathrow to CBogata on Wednesday evening so we will look out for you at Heathrow. We will be the ones dressed as Indiana Jones! (Just kidding). There will be 3 of us as our friend Chris is also doing the Inca Trail. 

Lin... thanks for the First Aid tips - I think we'll copy you :0)

We are really escited and a tad nervous for some reason. Look forward to seeing you all soon!

Phil and Jill (and Chris)

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