Classic Patagonia Treks - 24 November departure

Hello to the other 14-15 people on this trip.  Anyone in London?


Hi, Has everyone received the email about a potential domestic airline strike and possible cancellation of our trip ? We've tried to call the Exodus office, but have not received any further details of next steps, other than a decision will be made end of day tomorrow. In the meantime, would like to know what everyone else is considering. We still really want to go and wondering how best we can if Exodus cancels the trip. Do people have flexibility over dates such that the trip could be run a day or so later in country ?


I have seen the mail from Exodus this evening and I am very keen to go too. I guess we will have to wait till tomorrow to see what can be done. 

I have an Antarctic cruise booked after so have five nights in Buenos Aires betwpeen the trips so I could certainly move my dates (I've got an independent flight that will cost me a packet if I cancel).

i can see there are tickets flights to el califate the next day at the minute and for a return a few days later than schedule.  The airline is also still selling tickets for Monday 

ive asked exodus if they could look into sorting out a contingency for me as I don't want to wait around on my own in Argentina for two weeks so hopefully they can

if if they can't sort something out I will probably ask they cancel the cruise too and for them to refund my flights.

 if we can't do the trip as planned I still be keen to do what we can even if we can't hike the W rather than cancel.

there is still a whole weekend for the airline and union to sort the suspension of the employees out (apparently an "illegal" wildcat strike on 11 November).


We are not able to rearrange our annual leave at such short notice, particularly as we have added a third week on to the end of our holiday. In addition we have already paid for flights and accommodation for our third week which we have arranged independently.

It is unacceptable to cancel a trip due to a one day domestic strike. We expect Exodus to do everything possible to rearrange the trip, but if that’s not feasible then to provide an alternative tour for the same dates.

We have just spoken to Malcolm Parkinson on 02087723720. Jan - I think it is important to stress that at least 3 of us are prepared to delay the start of the trip out of BA by a day or two, perahaps more people will be willing to do this? Ideally we'd have access to their email addresses, I'll ask Exodus.

Please feel free to contact us directly [email protected] and we could perhaps exchange telephone numbers and speak on the phone.

Briegeen and Jeremy

if the issue is the exodus guide can't extend I'd be happy with a local guide provided we have clear instructions on the travel plans

not sure how others feel and how many are on the exodus flight versus those who are land only.  Some people might be there already 

01249 782952

[email protected]



Who have you been speaking to at Exodus Jan, have they been helpful?

sent a long e mail - no reply.


im waiting for info from my airline friend who is looking at the potential of rebooking my flights before I ring

would be very useful to see how many could change dates before we do and maybe one person co ordinates.

are you on the BA flight tomorrow evening or are you via madrid?

I am on the BA flight from London tomorrow evening.  I have some flexibility with dates but not a lot.

Akchay 07972 876 128 [email protected]

Hi sorry for delayed response, we're both working today so juggling things at the moment.

We're flying via Madrid.

We expect to hear back from Malcolm / Exodus team around 1pm on the latest update. We'll share what we find out / ask them to send out an update email.

they have just rung to say the trip is on (with the proviso that we have the potential strike and might not get to Patagoni) or I can cancel


i am going ahead and I know others are too

fingers crossed the strike is off.

see you in Buenos Aires on Sunday morning, a celebratory glass in order if and when we get to Patagonia!



I told Exodus this afternoon that I would like to go ahead with the trip. 

so i believe now we fly wednesdy and miss the glacier and the first day trek (so miss the Torres d paine) that correct?

Yes unless someone comes up with a clever plan or the strike is called off.

LATAM airline is departing monday and not striking. expensive tho: £550ish return

Hi Jez, Thanks for posting this. How do you know Latam is not striking ?

I just checked flights again, and can only see availability on Sunday now and not Monday,  but would still work as departs at 1pm.

well i dont know 100% but all info aobut the strike only mentions Aerolineas Argentinas.  

I saw 1pm but then need to find a hotel in calafate sun-mon and i jsut cant be bothered.  

Sure i'll regret it but departing monday gives me time in BA and I'll hopefully get to see the glacier on the free day later (presumably for an extortionate fee!).

Ok thanks Jez.

I take it you must have bought one of the last tickets for Monday ?

Looking at Sunday again it may just be possible to make the 1pm flight,  although not much time to get from one airport to the other and check-in in time. 

i can see seats both days but only one or two so not enough to get everyone down to el califate to allow the trip to start.

im going to stick with the exodus plan (but I have the luxury that I could delay my flight back to BA if I wanted to spend more time in Patagonia). 

Maybe it'll all work out

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