Classic Thailand 1st November 2015

I am going on this trip, but cannot find this is the very long list of tours, including the November 2016 one!
Would be interested to hear from anyone else on the same tour?

Apparently there are 12 going on this trip - 8 women and 4 men!

Looks like I am going on my own then!!

I've been trying to reply to your message, but this forum seems very flaky - it keeps telling me my message has been blocked by the spam filter. Anyway, maybe this time it will work and you'll know that you're not on your own, there are at least two of us!!

Hey that's great Dave. Are you flying there with Exodus or have you arranged your own flight? I am flying out on 31st from Heathrow at 20:15.

It seems Exodus have some technical problems with their forum. I have managed to get one message through, but mostly when I try to post I get a message saying that I've been "blocked by the spam filter". I have rung Exodus who said they’ve had other complaints and are trying to fix it. So if there is anyone out there who, like me, can read the posts but not respond, don't worry, you're not alone. Try complaining to Exodus as I did - the more complaints they get the quicker they'll fix it (maybe!). Otherwise – see you all in Bangkok.

Dave, I can see both your messages now. Initially, I had problems even creating a message because this trip was not listed in the filter. I contacted Exodus via the Live Chat on the bottom right of the browser and it was corrected. Hopefully, they will sort the 'spam filter' problem now. The other issue is that even though I click the 'send me an email when someone replies' box, I do not receive an email! Perhaps we will all get this sorted before we get to Bangkok!

Yes, this forum is really bad! I just keep trying to post this message 2 or 3 times a day and hopefully it will eventually work.
I'm flying out a day early, first thing Saturday 31st, because I've booked myself an extra treat, The Flight Of The Gibbon, on the Monday. I'll arrive Sunday morning, have a day in Bangkok, do the Gibbon thing on Monday and (hopefully) be back in time for the meet and greet at 19:00 at the hotel.

I have just had the 'spam' problem but was trying to comment from my iPad, so guess it is something to do with that as I don't have a problem on my iMac. Your 'treat' sounds good but doubt if I would be fit enough for that! I think that the area around the hotel has quite a few interesting things around it, so was just going to spend the day getting my bearings and chilling! See you on the Monday!

Hi Ruth,

We thank you for your recent enquiry which asked us to look into why you were not notified when other members posted their replies. Hopefully this is now working for you, as I am sending this from your Forum topic. Hope you all have a great trip to Thailand.


Bob (Exodus Webmaster)

Hopefully, entering a comment is fixed now (see note below) and you should be able to reply - otherwise will see you all in Bangkok!

Notice: there were 'Spam' alerts preventing Ruth and others from posting their comments in this forum 'room/discussion' due to HTML content being entered in some of the earlier comments above, which have been removed.
Posted on behalf of Ruth by Bob; Exodus' Web Master

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