Colours of Rajasthan--October 15

Hi from the USA! Who else is going on this exciting journey? First time to India and very excited.

Hi Deb, I'm on this tour too. I'm from Australia but currently traveling Sri Lanka. I arrive to the Taj Princess Hotel on the 14th. Are you arriving early?

I'm arriving ridiculously late on the 14th, at almost midnight. Trying to figure out how to pack. Looks like days will be hot, but also aware of suggestion for women to dress somewhat conservatively. A puzzle to figure out what works!


Oh darn. I was hoping we could meet up for dinner! I don't want to dine alone.

It's a similar climate and culture in Sri Lanka, in the tourist areas you can get away with western outfits. But temples/ holy places and villages I wear maxi skirts/dresses or loose light pants and a singlet with a light scarf to cover my shoulders. And I haven't had a problem. You won't wear half of what you think you'll wear. And your hygiene/ clealiness levels will probably lower, because "when in Rome".. 

I'm super excited for the food and culture lesson! Are you traveling with with someone?

Hi! This is going to sound bizarre, but I am traveling with my 93-year old father and my sister. (I'll be 62 next week, Judy is 57.) Dad is truly an outlier--he still walks about 5-7 miles 3 times weekly from his apartment in New York City. He has a zest for life that hasn't diminished with age. Our entire family loves exploring, and I believe my parents have been on every Continent except Antarctica. Dad has traveled to India; Judy and I have never been. Dad lands in Delhi the afternoon of October 14th, and he said if you want to have dinner, ask at the hotel for Milton Wilner. Assuming he hasn't passed out from jetlag after the 14-hour flight from JFK, he should be good company.

Thank you for the clothing advice. When it's 60 degrees and raining, it's hard to imagine 95 degrees. I've pulled out my lightweight, brightly colored clothes and will sort through the pile this weekend.

For how long are you traveling? Where in Australia do you live? Oh--and what's your name!!?!?


Oh wow! I'm excited to meet him. I'm only 24, so I'm sure he'll have plentiful stories of his travels and life. He sounds fitter than I am!


My name is Jessica Bozoky and I'm from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. My partner and I are travelling indefinitely. We quit our professional jobs just over a year ago to travel Australia by car and only work for about half the year in places we stop. We finished a job in September and are travelling separately overseas, me for 5 weeks him for 3, then meeting back in Aus to keep driving around. 

I'm excited for the food mostly, and also hoping to catch a Bollywood movie at the cinema. But other than that I've only glanced at the itinerary because I'm excited for the daily surprise! I wanted to experience Diwali Festival, just didn't have the confidence to go alone. What are you most looking forward to?



Hi Jess,
I leave this Friday and can't wait. In terms of what I hope to do/see--Bollywood movie, cooking class maybe, tigers, and of course FOOD! So many new tastes--just hope I won't have to use much of the medicines in my kit bag.

Love your adventurous lifestyle. You're in your 20s so why not go and explore the world. Want to hear about your driving trip, Sri Lanka, etc.  Haven't been to Oz yet, but of course it's on the list. I grew up in New York City and have lived all over N. America--Seattle, Tucson, Albuquerque, Toronto, and now little Iowa. No favorite place because each has its charms and disadvantages.

How and when are you getting to Delhi? 


Hey Deb,

A cooking class would be great too. I did one the other week here in Sri Lanka and loved it. We made rotti, coconut sambol and breadfruit curry. My boyfriend and I cook a lot of curries at home so I'm excited to have an authentic one to cook for him when I get back.

I've been taking daily probiotics so I have good gut bacteria ready if anything goes south. And lots of hydralyte. Unfortunately you can't drink as much water as you'd prefer on a long bus ride with no toilets! India will be better with bathroom breaks though - I hope. On that note, don't forget a roll of toilet paper, it's a rare sight here.

Luckily I'm only a 3.5hr flight from Delhi. So I fly out Saturday arfternoon, landing around 6pm local time. I think I'll get a good, long night's rest before Sunday when we all meet up.

How long is the flight from the States? Where is your stopover? 

Hi Jess, About to leave for airport. Going from Iowa to Chicago and then on to Zurich. Will end up in Delhi in I don't want to think about how many hours! Safe travels to you, and excited to meet you soon.

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