Costa Rica

We are off to Costa Rica at the end of March. The pictures look amazing. Anyone else booked for this trip?

Hi Chris
We are booked on discover Costa Rica departing on 26/3/15
is this the tour your on? We went on the same trip 2 years ago and loved every minute hence the return.we will talk again if this is your trip and I promise not to spoil any of the wonderful surprises in store for you.

Hi Dave and Chris
I'll be there too - can't wait as house move meant no holidays this year and this one has been on my list for some time!
Look forward to meeting you both...

Hi Dave and Wendy.
Whoops - forgot to check my post! Yes Judy and I are booked onto the trip starting on the 26th March. Must have been a good one, Dave, for you to be doing it again. I think we have most of the preparations done now. We have booked our own flights and will be arriving a day early so that we can have a look around before the tour starts. Looking forward to meeting you both. Have a safe journey.

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