Hi Clissy, How is the packing going for Costa Rica? The excitement is mounting here!

Hi Sue - are you on the trip that starts on August 4?  Our 11 year old daughter v excited, but her approach to packing somewhat impractical - fashion trumps practicality, comfort, insect repulling qualities!  Am hoping we can shift the dial in the next few weeks....

By the way, I don’t know what possessed me to use my childhood nickname Clissy - would much rather be called my real name which is Clare.

Over and out


Hi Clare, We are actually on the 1st August departure with a 13 year old son and 15 year old daughter. Our packing is still all virtual at the moment, but I think we'll have some interesting conversations ahead! Still have to decide what type of bags are best to take.....

Hello Clare and Sue, we too are on the trip departing 1st August. We also have a 15 year old daughter and 13 year old son. Clare I'm sure it must be the same trip, no? I certainly am not looking forward to the packing challenge! 

Look forward to meetin you.


Hi Alice and Sue - no, sadly, we aren’t on the same trip.  Ours begins three days after yours - they are running twice a week late July/August.  Good luck with the packing.  Have just been buying insect repellent clothing on Purple - good prices, but fashion items they are not!!  Have a great trip.


Hi Clare, Sue and Alice. We are also going on 1st August with our 2 sons age 13 and 15. Trying to work out what luggage to take it says travel light! Boys say I torture them when i take them shopping so haven`t got much for them yet- might just treat all their normal clothes with insect repellant and hope for the best.

Repellant for normal clothes sounds like a good idea. I'm hoping we just need to really worry about when we go on our hikes etc in the forest/jungle!?

I guess/hope we can still wear normal clothes like shorts & dresses when we're in the town/hotel, on the beach and by the pool.  I presume we will just put repellant on our skin then. You can also buy suntan lotion in boots that has mosquito repellant built in. I'm assuming it's the same as going somewhere like the Caribbean where you can give bitten but can still enjoy a beach holiday. I hope so anyway! What do you think? 

Happy shopping!

Best wishes, Alice

i think your probably right. i think some people are more attractive to mosquitoes anyway, my husband for example! I`ve bought some DEET based repellent for skin and will treat the clothes with some permethrin so should be fine.

Are you all taking suitcases? one of the reviews says try to keep it as lightweight as possible as we are in minibus so take smaller wheelie cases.


Hi Alice, Cheryl & Clare,

We are going armed with DEET too - sadly I am usually the mosquito magnet, but DEET has worked for me in the past (though getting it on your lips is not to be recommended!) Permethrin is a good idea too, but I haven't found any yet. We are thinking of kit bags/ holdalls rather than cases despite the lack of wheels - I don't think we should have to carry them too far. Now considering what level of rain protection - pack-a-mac style or something more heavy duty......?

Just one more w/e to go :-) 


Hi Claire,

We are also travelling on the 4th . We have 2 boys,12 and almost 16.

You can pick up permethrin at go outdoors and Cotswolds.  Don't know how well it will work but as I'm normally the bugs favourite don't want to take chances!!

looking forward to meeting you


Hello all,

Re level of rain protection, one reviewer advised ponchos so we bought £5 ones from trespass/ mountain warehouse. not sure about waterproof trousers too- are you all taking them? I don`t mind being a bit wet if I`m warm. Not sure I will have space for all this stuff- will need to wear most of it on the plane! tried on poncho- look like big black bat- and hubby thought it hilarious

Morning All

I've been slightly in denial about the packing situation ... am taking on board all the chat and coming to terms with the need to take this seriously now. I have looked around a bit and at the end of the day, all the sensible stuff is ugly so I don't think I am going to show the children what I've bought and will just hope it fits when it comes to it. I'm also wondering why we arent' just going to Cornwall in this amazing weather rather than heading to the other side of the world to get bitten and rained on and now my husband is pointing out the part about snakes and scorpions! I say the trip said it's suitable for 4 year olds (or maybe it said 7) so it can't be that hardcore can it? Seriously though - I am looking forward to it and it sounds like we'll have fun together.

I do have some holdall type bags that have wheels so perhaps I will take those. We are heading on to Miami on the way home so I want some nice clothes so maybe I'll put that in a suitcase and keep it separate from the other stuff and try not to open it. I can imagine all the stuff in the holdall being churned around from day 1 and we'll be moving every 2 days won't we. I too am not so sure about the need for waterproof trousers. Perhaps I will buy the cheap rollup ones that go with pac-a-macs. I think lightweight pac-a-mac rain coat should be fine/poncho. I agree that being a bit wet is okay if it's warm and you can dry out quickly. The problem is, once I get into Mountain Warehouse I get tempted into buying all sorts of nonsense! My husband says he has bought pop-up mosquito nets for the beds. I haven't seen them so have no idea how much room in the case they are going to take.

I presume we don't have to book the optional activities such as zip wire, rafting etc before we go. Please let me know if anyone has done so.

Happy packing!



Hi All,

On my way to Mountain Warehouse again with reluctant youngest son. I agree I don`t think we book the optional activities until we are there. Am going to have a go trying to pack to see exactly how many cases and sizes we need and hopefully won`t be too traumatic.


Hi Cheryl, Hi Alice,

I hope the packing (plus unpacking, rationalising & repacking) is going well for departure on Wednesday. Unfortunately, I have to advise that we will no longer be joining you - sadly my father-in-law died unexpectedly last week after a short illness, so we had to take the decision to cancel our trip. It is obviously disappointing, but the sloths should not be going anywhere fast, and hopefully we will get to see them and the rest of the Costa Rican wildlife another year. In the meantime, I wish you all a fabulous trip! Take care, Sue

Hi Sue,

very sorry to hear your news- we`re disappointed we won`t be meeting you after all.

Best wishes



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