Costa Rica Vaccinations needed?

Hi All.

We are going to Costa Rica in January 2018 on the Coastal Secrets trip. We have been looking into any Vaccinations that are needed for this trip. We have had Hepatitis A with Typhoid, we are waiting on Hepatitis B to become available as a shortage at the mo and are having Tetnus, Polio and Diptheria boosters. Our question is, do we need to bother with the Rabies injections? We will be doing our utmost to avoid touching stray cats, dogs and will not be approaching wild animals. We are going to the Sloth Sanctuary but surely if these creatures are in a sanctuary they would not let any with rabies near to the other Sloths or public? So, can anyone advise on this as the cost of the Rabies injections is rather alot for, what i can see, is a minimal risk? Any feedback from our fellow travellers in January 2018 or anyone who has been on a similar trip to Costa Rica recently very much appreciated. Thank you. Ali and Lucie : )

Hi , I havent been to Costa Rica but HAVE had the rabies vaccination prior to much travel to other destinations . The thing to remember about the vaccine is that it doesnt STOP/PREVENT rabies but instead buys you upto 48 hours to get to somewhere/hospital that can then treat rabies. So its a personal risk judgement . I knew , at time of vaccine , that I would be travelling to other remote locations in coming years so opted to have the vaccine.  Had I been on a one off trip I may have re-considered .

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