The countdown has started

Anyone else going on the Colours of Rajasthan - Pushkar trip departing on 21st Oct?  

Hello Nick.  I am travelling with my mum,  sister and my mums friend.  Are you travelling alone.  We are a friendly bunch. Its becoming a reality now x

I am travelling with my cousin as part of her 50th celebrations and 2 others who i met on the trip last year.  I'm sure you will find us sociable.

Hello again.

There are 4 of us.  Me (47), Sam (my sister - 50), Mum (73) and mums art college friend Helen - dont know her age.

Last year sam mum and I went to Burma with Exodus so this is our 2nd adventure.  Its lovely to hear you are travelling with friends from last years trip.  Not looking forward to all the coach transfers - will take my backgammon set :).  I keep looking at the itinery and getting excited.

Did you go to india last year?

Anna x

Yes we (well 3 of us) went to Kerala last year, with Exodus, which was a great experience.  Apparently more laid back than the North so we should soon find out.  Had some long coach transfers last time around but it is a good time to chat and we always stopped for a masala chai!!

There is me (54), Tracy who has just celebrated her 50th and Lisa and Faye.  Too polite to ask their age but certainly younger than me.

Looking forward to meeting up soon (not long now).  Visa next


I just got my visa granted :).  It took me about an hour and a half to complete - not computer sassy.  Had to get my 18 year old daugther to upload the documents into PDF format.  Good luck with that.

Yes I am a bit concerned aboout some of the longer coach transfers but I am sure we will amuse overselves on way or another!!  I didnt appreciate that we would stop and have rest breaks.


Hi Nick & Anna.  Looking forward to our trip now, especially the camel festival. Are you having any immunisations? I think I'm up to date. Not bothering with anti-malarials but will smother myself in mossie repellent! Peskie things ... See you all soon

Hi Sam,

Welcome.  Well that makes 9 at least on the trip should be fun!!


hello sam and nick

nicknsam is my sister! 

I'm not doing any jabs either was recommended hep a but haven't done it.



Didn't make the connection!!!  Well that takes us back down to 8.  See you all soon. 

oh, how i wish to do that :(

I am looking forward to exploring Rajasthan with you. I have not been to India before and am particularly excited to experience the Camel Fair. My journey starts in Victoria, BC, Canada (where I live) and I will be in London a week before the Exodus trip starts. I am travelling on my own and look forward to meeting you all. I am 60 something (yes I do remember I am just not telling you ☺)



You are more than welcome to meet up with us for a pre flight drink in the Prince of Wales.

See you all soon.


I don't quite know how to say this but my lovely sister Anna unexpectedly passed away last week. We are still reeling from the shock and uncertain about how to move forward as our hearts, dreams and plans have been shattered. I do know that Anna would want us to go to India so perhaps .... x

I'm also on the trip, and travelling on the group flight so will hopefully meet some of you in the Prince of Wales. Sam - I'm so sorry to read about the passing of your sister.

Sam I am so sorry for your loss. If you decide to continue with the trip I look forward to meeting you.

I will see the rest of you at the Prince of Wales. 

Sam i am very sorry to hear about Anna and my condolences to you and the rest of the family.  I will ensure that a raise a bottle of Kingfisher to her at somepoint during the trip.


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