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Cross-country Skiing: Kvitavatn

Hello everyone
I'm looking forward to the trip to Norway just after Xmas despite the fact I've never done cross country before (and can't ski)!
A week in the snowy wilderness learning something new will be an interesting way to spend new year though.
What's everyone else's experience with this sport? Any tips?
Do you think we'll get to see the northern lights too?
Zoe : )

Hi Zoe, hello everyone,
I agree, it will be a great new experience - at least that is what I expect. I am not sure about the northern lights, maybe the location is not northern enough?
I also have not really done cross country before. However, I am sure we will have great guides to explain everything. The only thing I am not sure about at the moment is the right clothing, given the range of temperatures that we may expect... ;)
Best, Carola (Germany)

I did this trip 3 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. We were split into 2 groups depending on experience. There were lots of people who had never done it before and they were all fine after the 1st day thanks to excellent instructors.

I'm travelling down by car from Shropshire if anyone wants to car share and save on fuel and parking costs.


Carola - from what I have read online the proper clothing for XC ski-ing is windproof on front and breathable on the back because of the wind shill and the amount you sweat! I'm not going to buy special gear but already have merino wool base layers and super-wicking layers that I shall wear plus the gaiters and waterproof trousers they recommend. I get really hot and humid generally so am going to keep the layers thin. Buff for neck / hair. Tinted glasses are recomended too over goggles. Normal ski wear is far too hot apparently.

Perhaps Mr anonymous can advise?

So I've now googled Telemark and Northern lights and it appears we could be in for a show if the weather's right...and we're up late!

Zoe (UK) :)

Anonymous - must be good if you're coming back?
I'm actually getting a flight from Stansted as it is much nearer me in Cambridge - so I will see you in Oslo! :0)

I'm no longer anonymous.

Last time I just wore my normal hill walking gear and was fine - base layer, fleece and wind blocker fleece on top + stretchy trouser, hat and waterproof gloves. Took a cagoule and over-trousers for when it was snowing and carried thin down jacket for stops. Don't forget to take a mat to sit on.

Getting excited now....see you all soon

Great - thanks for your recommendations! I also read about the wind, so I assume that a windstop function is way more important than water-resistance (our recommendations say that the jacket should be waterproof). It is difficult to have both 100% in a jacket, so I will go along with mixing breathable layers and have a windproof outer layer.
Geoff, good to hear that you have done the trip and enjoyed it so much that you are doing it again!

Nice to see you have a name Geoff!

Currently have everything piled up on the spare bed and wondering how it will fit in my rucksack! Going home for Christmas so will be back on Boxing day to try and stuff it in!

The other thing I noted was that is on the day off you want to do snow-shoeing then you need a nice solid hiking boot to strap the shoes to.

Happy Christmas....See you in Oslo! Zoe :)

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