Cuba Isla Grande dept 26th Oct

Hi just wondering if anyone is going in this trip...was so excited but now a wee bit worried given the aftermath of Irma.  Although I know having travelled with Exodus before that they will look after us.

I'm somewhat concerned about the lack of info coming out from Exodus.  My web chat three days ago resulted in a comment that they would be in touch.

Whilst I understand tha the situation on the ground will not yet be completely clear, the fact that some of the areas on the trip have been greatly affected ought to have elicited at least a holding statement setting out a timescale when decisions will be made on the trip.
Cuba isn't a place where wholesale destruction can be rectified in weeks and some of the planned accomodation will almost certainly have been damaged, albeit to an as yet unknown level.  Exodus have feet on the ground; let's hear what the heads attached to those feet have to say!


I agree that the damage is unlikely to be repaired at any great speed bar perhaps restoring power and securing roofs and so on.  I was expecting something from Exodus saying that they had to change our accomodation or something along those lines as they have already do so months ago in relation to hotels/casas.  I suppose at this stage things may be unresolved and that no news is good news.  I do think that if the trip goes ahead (which I fully expect it to) the revenue from tourists is what the people need right now especially if they have lost everything in some cases. 

They say they have now heard back from their partners in Cuba and they have confirmed that the vast majority of hotels and destinations featured on our Exodus tours are unaffected by the hurricane.


 The condition of some roads is something that they will have to discover gradually in the coming months but Havana is back on its feet, however still partially without electricity. They plan to run the trip as normal so that is good news.

As you say, Cuba will need to revenue.  I guess there may even be the opportunity to assist in a bit of repair work.

That's good news thanks for passing that on. I would gladly give up an afternoon or two on the beach to help do some work. 

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