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Currency Concerns

Hi All

I'm on the Cycle Madagascar trip starting this Sunday 30th September ...

Usually when i travel I take a small amount of the local currency, depend upon my trusty credit card for most of my finances and local cash machines for withdrawing local currency as required.

With Madagascar, (from the trip notes) I understrand that they use a closed currency (i.e. currency not available outside of Madagascar), and credit cards are not accepted in most places.

Does anyone know if there'll be either many/any cash machines on our travels and/or if there'll be many places I can exchange pounds Sterling?  I'm trying to work out a) how much £sterling to take and b) whether I'll need to exchange it ALL at the airport on arrival or whether I'll be better off tryinng to exchange it en route and c) whether I should also take some Euros/US Dollars with me as they'll be easier to exchange.

Thanks for any help/advice/experience!

Can't wait!


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